Conan Unconquered Game Update (Patch Notes for 20/06/2019)

Hey all! We got another patch in with various fixes. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. :slight_smile:

Patch Notes

  • Unit & Enemy speed increased by 30%. Player can now more easily get out of their base to explore and game generally feels “faster”.
  • Rewards page fixed for UI with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Fix for some players not being able to select King Conan skin on hero selection UI.
  • Fixed issue in Co-Op where Player B was unable to build a research in player A’s research building unless player A had enough money to make that research.
  • Fixed challenge map history displaying 40 waves rather than infinite waves for level 3 wave count
  • Fixed: Difficulty for scenario maps could still be selected after clicking the Battle button.
  • Fixed text related to “Infinite Waves” on map select screen.
  • Intro video(s) to game have been split into their own separate movies and can be skipped individually.
  • Appended text to the Attack-Move button tooltip.
  • Hero abilities with a target select do not move the hero into range where the player clicks.
  • Flame Demons are now immune to fire damage from outside sources.
  • Various other aesthetic fixes and improvements to building destructions.