Conan Unconquered Game Update **(Patch Notes for 30.05.2019)**

Hello everybody! I go by PG_Ren and I’ll be your Quasi-Official Petroglyph Forum Guy!

First off, I’d like to give thanks to everybody that picked up Conan Unconquered and hope that you remain unconquered!

Now, we’ve begun to comb the forums and reviews and are hard at work listening and taking your suggestions into consideration.

With that in mind, I’d like to present you with a series of improvements we’ve pushed forward in the latest patch:


  • New! Autosave feature has now been added to the game for solo play. Before each wave, the game will auto save the player’s progress to that point. Game will also no longer delete a save game upon resuming a previous session.
  • Fixed an issue with maximum-density maps being too dense.
  • Adjusted the difficulty on scenario 2, wave 10 to reduce the potential number of enemy fire javelineers.
  • Infinite Wave Mode (Solo and Co-Op): Reduced the wave count at which tactical leveling of wave enemies begins (should now start around 26 instead of 40). This will result in a higher difficulty for more expert players in the latter half of gameplay.
  • Enemy units can no longer be “pushed” through walls in some rare cases.


  • Intro movie updated upon starting game.
  • Link to Steam added to main menu for player game reviews.

Please let us know your thoughts!