[BUG REPORT] Scouting Dancers Disappearing

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A
Mods: Devious Desires, Less Building Restrictions

Bug Description:

Scouting Dancers keep disappearing. Happened to me 3 times. Every time a dancer goes into [scouting] mode while you are not watching / they are injured, they disappear. One time during a purge, I have a dancer following me. I accidentally click on another thrall to follow, rendering the dancer [scouting]. When I turned back he’s gone into the void. His marker is on the map, I still got entertained in his vincinity, but he can neither be seen nor touched. All that happened in under 10 sec. The only thing I can do is to rescue him and lose all good gears on him.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. have a thrall following you
  2. make him/her [scouting] while you are not watching / they are injured
  3. there’s a great chance he/she will disappear forever

This is not a bug, and they are not gone. they go back to the last set location they were placed to “stand gaurd” after 10-15 min of being left alone while scouting, there is a short period where they will be “returning home” and they are not anywhere on the map.

you can go to your follower list and toggle on the eyeball to see their marker on the map. to see if they are 1 of the 4 options, guarding, scouting, returing home, and following.

They are not gone they are just heading back to where you set them to gaurd.

you do not have to rescue them, as long as they are in your folower list they are either where you set them to gaurd last or scouting where you last left them. or returing from scouting to last set gaurd location.

That’s not the case. As I wrote, a dancer disappeared 10 seconds after [scouting]. He was right behind me, but when I looked back, he’s gone for good. In another case, the dancer has returned home or a long time, but she can’t be seen either, only when I get close to her marker, I got entertained. Seems this bug only applies to dancers. And since most people don’t team with dancers, this becomes rare.

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Im sorry to say your thrall has gone undermesh. Follow the enternained sign to zero where it is more or less. Log in as admin, give yourself ghost and fly and you will find it, most likellly very far bellow. Just make it follow you and come back.


Thank you! It seems that way. Will see next time when it happens again.

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