Bug reporting which option?

Where do we post bug reporting now. I noticed Zendesk has this now as a selection but we still have the forum topics. It may be beneficial if we have a sticky thread on what Zendesk is for and what forums are for.


Both, I assume. Zendesk getting extra tag is likely so when people do you use it. They have a Tag, and help sort them better on that side.

I doubt they’ll remove bug section in each of forums and force one over other. Plus Forums you can get feedback from other players which can help narrow it down.

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I believe that some people are affected by a bug very deeply. For these people Zendesk is the best solution, because their situation will be handled personally and help the player to escape this situation.
Yet, you may witness a bug like it
This for me was not a problem, I knew the workaround and I use it. Still for a new player a situation like that might be frustrating, so I felt the responsibility to report it :man_shrugging:. This however does not need private attention and can be folded to be checked.
So, if a player experiencing bugs that make his/her game unplayable, then Zendesk is the best option.
If a player will notice a bug that it is annoying or can be frustrating, the forum is a good place to use. Other than that I spend a lot of time in the bug section and most of the bugs are no bugs at all :man_shrugging:. So another player can help and problem solved!!!

Good question.

I intend to use both channels to submit bug reports, whenever I can. There are some bugs you can’t post on forums, though, so those should go to Zendesk only.

I wish they would just give us a proper bug tracker.

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