Bug that allows players to loot other players corpses

When a player is wearing the Bearer pack as their headpiece, and dies… other players are able to fully loot their corpses. Someone fully looted me today, and was kind enough to give me back all of my armor/weapons… but kept all of the resources I had.

I was back at my corpse in under 5 minutes for retrieval, too… so it didn’t expire/time out and dump a bunch of stuff. The player said they looted my body.

Conan Exiles Official #1726

For the record, this is a server that states other players can not loot others corpses.

Server #1004 have same bug too, its easy to harvest somebody corpses, but it can be usefull to save yours gear because often happends that your corpse disapear before you can reach it (even if you have respawn meter away)