Can loot other player's bodies

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Everywhere.

This is a PVE issue ONLY
I’m posting this here so that this get fixed or worked on, please don’t use this exploit. My clanmates and I have found that you can loot another player’s body. All that has to be done is destroy that players body (pick, dagger, ax, whatever) once the body is destroyed a bag that can be looted appears. It happens all over the map

This exploit cold be the reason some players can’t find their bodies because they are destroyed and looted.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. find a dead body
    2.hit it until is disappears
  2. take what you want
  3. repeat

this is a well known bug. People have been doing it on the server I’m on on PC.
They even go mad at each other for mentioning it in global chat in the hope it doesn’t get fixed.

Devs please fix it.

If you want to loot other players go to pvp or the special pve

Wow. Need to fix this asap.
Going by the chat on the server I’m on I think someone’s about ready to trace an IP address to recover their goods, and demand satisfaction, in person.