[BUG] PvE Skinning other death players

This is actually my first post and its about looting other player in PvE servers.

I was skinning death bodies in a camp for skins to make leather for tar, needed for steel-fire.
I stumbled on a death player and accidentally skinned the death body of a player and a big sack of loot dropped near the body with all his gear and stuff, I was able to take all the stuff but I can’t find the player that was looking for his stuff… very unfortunate… I left the stuff near where its body was… not sure if that was the right move.

Later I tested this with a friend, you can’t loot bodies in a PvE server unless you skin them, then a loot able sack drops near with all gear and items. This can’t be right… (did n’t test it with butcher knife, maybe its possible with that too).

  • It does n’t matter if the player went offline
  • It does n’t matter if the player searches for his body for too long
  • It works right after someone dies

This is a problem that should be fixed as fast as possible before people are going to abuse this bug to gain riches.

People are already abusing it on the server I’m on. Strangely, they are all high level.
I have witnessed it happen to my own corpse.

In saying that though, it can be handy in combination with the invisible corpse bug.
When someone can’t see their corpse and you can, you can loot their body for them.

Unforunatley what usually happens is some level 60 guy loots all the iron gear from all level 20 guy and then drops it because, compared to his gear, its junk.

I mean why?

When a corpse is invisible you can leave and rejoin the server, then your body will be visible, atleast for me that worked any time.

Invisible body is another problem but minor (cause server rejoin fixes the problem most of the time and 100% in my experience), skinning other people for loot though… I consider that as major problem.

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