BUG - TL 3.0.1 Player Damages Follower In Siptah Vault

I noticed my Feroxic hammer and my poison arrows are damaging one (or both?) of my two followers while in Siptah vault “Sanctuary of the Snakemen”. I suppose this happens whenever the player and follower thralls are in combat mode but I didn’t test. I only watched and verified it in a vault - Single Player BTW. @Community

It’s no bug. Friendly fire is a feature. You can adjust the damage multiplier in the server settings.

  • Well, it doesn’t happen in any previous version.
  • Pretty sure I DO NOT want this behavior in this version.
  • This behavior doesn’t make sense in Conan Exiles.
  • It negates the new feature of healing thralls by fighting with them.
  • It only happens under some conditions - unlike friendly fire.
  • It’s enough of a problem that I would likely move to another game.

So, yeah, it’s a BUG.

Double check if PvP is enabled. If so turn it off.

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Of course! But even in PvP you should NOT be damaging your own follower thralls.

Thanks for confirming that it happens even when PvP is disabled.

Interestingly, it only happens sometimes. It’s NOT very reproducible. Now out of three cold starts it’s only happened once. So maybe just an occasional glitch reading in the default values or something?

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Hi @TeleTesselator

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team so that they can investigate further.

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