List of bugs I found recently; Siptah

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Too much to make an entire thread about it every time. :frowning:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. No matter the actual damage out, applying any kinds of damage over time effect (acidic, bleed, poison) seems to count as a single instance of damage, hence dramatically increasing the amount of threat on a mob. I could get attacked by a boss that my thrall has hit for 20-30s consistently with high amounts of damage, but in several cases applying just 2-3 bleeding stacks and walking away makes that boss attack me frantically after just 4-5 seconds. When I give my thrall any kind of dot weapon this also applies, it’s getting relatively hard to draw “Aggro” from that boss or enemy.

  2. On many flat, even surfaces on Siptah the character randomly drops away as if it wasn’t climbable anymore. This is especially true for the very edge of various mountains and rocksides.

  3. Some Surge mobs with shields permanently block every single hit and can only be hit by someone else from behind. The only solution are specific shield breaker weapons. Even knocking them down with a combo (Lovetap for instance) results in some blocks while they are still in the falling down animation.

  4. Looting or Moving Flawless items does not work when trying to use “Give All” or “Loot All”. The items have to be moved separately. This includes fresh 2.1 drops from surges. I haven’t thoroughly tested this for exceptional items, but it seems to be the same issue.

  5. Convergence traps do not work in many instances: They do not start producing while in the storm; even when lightning strikes visibly around the player, or even when near them. Sometimes they produce when lightning strikes while in render range. However this usually leads to the monster spawning running directly into the trap and killing it with a single hit. Generally speaking, the trap has 5000 HP and should not die from a single Ambush enemy, nor should it be first target, because unlike the player or thralls that actively attack that enemy.

  6. Certain areas close to the tower produce a SIGNIFICANTLY, sometimes tenfold increase in ambush enemies spawning and right away too. I’ve been at the doorstep of the tower and getting maybe 20-30% as many enemies as I got on top of one of the hills further away, while also being in the area for longer. This would logically mean I get less enemies spawned on top of me, but the complete opposite is the case.

  7. Improved Furnaces and Kilns apply the same speed bonus after 2.1, however, Kilns do not get same amount of fuel efficiency. Both get a 25% speed increase, but Kilns get +20% fuel timer whereas Improved Furnaces get +50%. Given that Kilns are late game rare recipe drops and also require the player to kill bosses for Fragments of power, this doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

  8. Crafting Glass Bowls in the Casting Table requires 2 Glass Flask Molds instead of 1 because the system “uses” the Mold like it’s a regular item. This means you need a second to queue more than 2 Glass Flasks. This is an older bug stemming from the furnace recipe days, that got reintroduced with 2.1 and the Casting Table.

  9. Scorpions that die from a debuff (bleeding, poison) while they burrow frequently just fall through the map and aren’t lootable or visible anymore.

  10. Rhinos and one of the Maelstrom bosses (the Mushroom-Giant that shoots a laser from his chest) fly far away when killed. Rhinos did that in the past, but since Isle of Siptah launched they do it again, maybe even before that.

  11. Many recipes do not show up or got straight up deleted without a replacement, particularly weave (silk from 2 gossamer) now being at 100% cost at all tables. Iron reinforcements not showing on Tier 3 benches, non-epic paddings not showing on Tier 3 Benches.

  12. Using blacksmithes to craft jewellery armor gear leads to some weird inconsistencies when it comes to values. They never increase the armor value, but the durability, when they do that they go after the weapon % durability increase.

  13. Khari armor sets barely give any temperature resistance. Raider gives 4 bars each but the other two only 3. It’s very low for each of them. (Highest crafting Thrall used).

  14. End-of-dungeon Chest(s) for Vaults are not lootable in some cases, not even when freshly available again or while not being in use for several hours. This seems to point to chests having to be fully looted to refill properly.

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The RSP (Rhinoceros Space Program) never went away. There’s no real agreement on this, either; some call it a bug, others call it a feature.

I’ve experienced at least half of these myself.



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