[BUG] *UPDATED* Cannot place triangle foundation blocks on top of supported triangle ceiling tiles

It’s not in the latest patch notes, but it looks like this works on the latest testlive now (as of 20-02-19).


Sweet Baby Jesus… bless you, Funcom! Hats off for ack’ing this bug, and working so quickly to include it in your list of fixes.

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Some SS evidence (made sure to unload my mods too for the SS)


There’s just enough space to squeeze through the front of a triangle with a pillar on it, but not the back.
This was my solution to a support problem you and I discussed in another thread a few months ago. It’s not the best looking design, but it works…

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Thanks Mr. Crom for the demonstration! Though, since they have addressed this so quickly on TL, I think I just need to wait for that patch to come to Live. :slight_smile:

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Instead of logging out, you can swap to another building block (don’t nee to place it, just swap to it), then swap back to the one you wanted to place, and it should work.

As an example when I am building a massive floor I will divide my foundations into 2 piles, and have one pile on say shortcut 5 on my toolbar and the other pile on shortcut 6. This way when one won’t place I just swap to the other toolbar slot to place it.

Hope that made sense, bit hard to explain. But way better than logging out :wink:

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First of all - thank you for all of the amazing, and wonderful hard work that is evident in this morning’s patch that you put forth. I am so incredibly heartened that you took my bug thread, and were able to incorporate corrections to TestLive and then to Live so quickly. Your labors are appreciated greatly - at least by this player!!

Now, for the bad news. While I believe the placing of triangle foundations has been mostly corrected, it still does not appear to work for each kind of block. In my testing, I found triangle foundation placement as follows:

Reinforced Stonebrick
Pict Frontier

Black Ice

Yamatai (I don’t own the DLC)

Please see the video and screenshots below. The video includes a demonstration of what happens when you upgrade triangle ceiling tiles that DO support triangle foundations with either Insulated Triangle Ceiling Tiles or Black Ice Triange Ceiling Tiles - upon upgrade, stability fails, and the foundations above them collapse.

A fellow player has speculation (and some evidence) that the reason why Insulated and Black Ice do not work has to do with the geometry and thickness of the respective triangle ceiling tile pieces.

Thank you in advance for your additional review, and work to address this bug!! :smiley:

Video Demonstration:

Cannot place Black Ice Triangle Foundation:

Cannot place Insulated Triangle Foundation:


Confirmed Yamatai wedge foundations will place atop all wedge ceilings except insulated and black ice-insulated.

While checking this out, I noticed Black Ice-Reinforced Wedges and Insulated Wedges project a good bit higher than other tiles. It’s most obvious with Yamatai adjoining, at the tips of my left fingers:

From below, with the bottom of my Health/Stamina unit as the rough guide:

And finally, it looks like the wooden “tray” is at fault here:

ETA Live Private North America Vanilla PvP Server, no mods

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Found the issue. Both insulated and black ice are missing a socket (its the same socket as before with the other wedges).

Hypothesis: Insulated and Black Ice Child classes aren’t receiving their parent’s information for some silly reason. BP_Build_Triangle is their parent, so they, along with all the other wedges should have received the new socket data. These two specific wedges didn’t, because code is funny that way.

Solution: Manually adding the missing socket will work, but ideally fixing the cause of the parent issue should be looked at for future updates. Like I did with the original issue, I’ll make up a detailed report on it.


Thank you for that explanation, and for setting up a report. I know you’re busy with your mods! :vulcan_salute:

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Sweet. My cousin will be so pleased when this is all fixed. She had this great architectural plan and it all went to heck when she could not place wedge foundations on ceilings.

Yes, this is an oldie.

You can place square foundation on square ceilings, depending how supported. But you can’t do the same on triangle ceilings.
Like said, it has been reported several time i think in the past, but i think many did ignore the fact you can simply place foundations on ceilings, or they didn’t care more than that.

Logic would you can either place both or none.

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