[Xbox] Triangle Ceilings Pieces Won't Attach - Fixed (sorta)

Game mode: Online PvE - Xbox Official Server 2500
Problem: Bug
Region: [US]

I decided to start experimenting with the triangle pieces. In the game preview / beta I always kept my building very square. But now that I’ve nearly finished off the main structure of my house, I can’t place triangle ceiling pieces. I’ve tried this with both stone and insulated wood triangle pieces. Check the image for my exact issue.

Repro steps:

  1. Create a foundation using triangle stone foundations
  2. Build up walls (2 high) of stone walls.
  3. (Attempt to) Use triangle ceilings to cover the new area.

Just an update here. I’m assuming this may still be a bug but my work around was to build a large triangle column made from sandstone foundations through the middle of the whole house. Maybe it was designed specifically that way, but it’d be nice if I could just do a flat ceiling.