Bug: With 40 Accuracy the Twice-Upon-An-Arrow bow heavy attack hits only once

No mods

The Twice-Upon-An-Arrow bow fires 2 times and hits single target 2 times, everything is great until you invest 40 points in Accuracy and get the Flattening Shot perk. With this perk bow still fires 2 times but only 1 arrow from heavy attack hits the single target. It means with 39 Accuracy my DPS is significantly higher than with 40 Accuracy.

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I don’t claim to understand what’s going on - but I’ve seen it claimed several times that the 40pt Accuracy perk is bugged and anything above 39 actually reduces your bow damage. I don’t know if they mean because it knocks the opponent down so subsequent shots miss, or if the damage itself actually reduces.

Yea, in this case, I think, because of pushing target back the second shot just misses, I can see it on health bar of the opponent. With 39 Accuracy health bar decreases twice, this can be seen very well, but with 40 Accuracy health bar goes down only 1 time. Hope they will fix it soon.

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Yeah, it’s a problem with regular bows as well. Heavy attack is bugged. I’ve tried shooting many things with Accuracy 39, then with Accuracy 44 (using an otherwise identical bow but with an Accuracy bonus) and I cause considerably less damage.

Admittedly, I haven’t tested this in a while because I kinda got used to having 39 Accuracy, and I haven’t seen reports that this has been fixed, either - but I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t tested lately. This may be old news by now.

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