Bug with Purchased Gothrad the Oathbreaker

The Gothrad which I purchased from buccaneer bay cannot be placed from hot key wheel. I have tried logging out and back in with no success. I have also logged out for a whole day.
It is happening on the Oceana official server #2950 PVE

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It’s because that thrall is not a fighter/archer/dancer. Instead it is a Taskmaster which will go in the thrall slot on your wheel of pain or torturers workbench.

It is a rare thrall from Zeina in Buccaneer Bay.


Thank you but I died with him in my inventory and lost corpse so I don’t have him anymore.
You may be able to help me with another matter. I died again with another thrall I had purchased which was following me and haven’t seen it since. That was yesterday and I don’t know how to call it back. I have logged off a few times which I read works but it still hasn’t returned to my base.

This is just some random video but it shows how to track your thralls and pets.

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Thank you s much I have got my thrall back


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