Bugs dilapidation

Hello. I found a bug. at me 2 chests in 2 day decayed and were gone.
I was in a game: 2019.02.07-22.02.11.
things disappeared: 2019.02.09-03.29.07.
next time I came: 2019.02.09-08.50.35.
I ask to return the things lost because of a bug.

What are your server settings regarding abandonment and decay? Are you playing on an official server or private? I can’t read cyrillic, so I’m taking your report at face value. Did the objects actually decay, or did you get raided while offline?

I play on the server: Conan offical server 1302 PVE Conflict-g-portal.com
all chests that were near remained only 2 these was gone.then all had to be gone

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