Bugs Galore - Frustration Aplenty

Xbox Series S


Online Official


Exiled Lands

Server #2733

There are so many issues I don’t know where to begin. Healing items and health potions will lock up / refuse to be used nearly once every hour, for about 15 minutes intervals before working again— usually starts in the middle of battle. Using a map room, dying, or transitioning between regions takes like 5 minutes to load. I have to hit the “mount horse” button like 20 times before my character gets on the horse. Star metal, glowing goop and other resources are completely missing from The Dregs and the northern snowfield. Horses have a ridiculously low amount of health— to the point of comedy. Enemies go straight for the horse or thralls without “Authority-Irritate” even being activated. The official servers are slower than snot. FunCom is using the same servers they installed at the game’s launch, no doubt.

And there are STILL bugs which have been unaddressed for YEARS! I’m still getting stuck inside my thralls when they stand on top of me, or getting trapped inside of caves/houses when they block the entrance. Thralls will periodically stand / stop in place and end up 400 feet behind me before I realized they’re not moving. Bounding boxes on terrain, benches, and NPCs still don’t make sense— they’re much larger than they need to be and don’t follow the outline of the actual objects. Players are still claiming land and blocking off world content which should be off limits since day one. Periodically (often enough) you knock a thrall out and they just disappear completely, never to be seen again. This also happens with dead bodies. There is nothing to record or screenshot here that hasn’t already been reported on this thread. This is a cool update to Conan Exiles, but what a huge amount of bugs. It makes it really hard to justify purchasing Battle Pass or engaging with this new content when these problems have continued to go unaddressed despite myself, my clan, and others reporting it years ago (and again now).


  1. Actually play the game
  2. Experience everything firsthand
  3. Stop asking for screenshots and videos on topics already reported in this thread — or on known issues which have persisted for years
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