Bugs in the Swamp (Bug Compilation

Game mode: Private Server
Problem: Misc

Thralls that I knock out on the pirate ship in buccaneer bay despawn as I drag them off the dock.
Repro steps:

  1. Try it.

One of my horizontal elevators has an invisible platform. The platform is there and appears when toggled to move. If I step on the invisible platform my character reloads into the world so I can see through terrain etc.

1: Build elevator
2: Build building around the landing end.
3: Leave and return to the site.

Glowing Torches craft instantly.
Building snap issues.
Crazy lag and rubberbanding when server has more than ten players.
NPC’s stuck in terrain north of buccaneer bay.

I guess the main issue is having a game that runs stable. All other bugs can be overlooked.

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