Bugs. Why does title have minimum number of characters lol

Hi there just wanted to report a few more issues I’ve run into. I’m on ps4 pro on official pve server. Lately a couple of old bugs that seemed to have been fixed up are reading their ugly heads again. Nothing too major but still very annoying.

  1. Bloody screen: not injured, poisoned over encumbered or temp affected in any way but bloody screen edges just refuse to go away.
  2. Every now and again I mess up with my sausage fingers and hit the up button on the dpad putting my game in first person mode. Whole screen turns a sand colour and I have to shut everything down and reload or I literally can’t see a single thing. Especially just before, during or after sandstorms.
  3. Not sure if this one is intended as I’m far to lazy to go trawling through patch notes but have the npcs in Sepemeru been beefed up. I ran in with a hardened steel axe and epic medium armour and had to run away from 4 t1 to t2 fighters lol :joy: they are deadset damage sponges now. Was this intentional?? Like I’m finding raiding the ward towers too be a far easier prospect and it’s further north so in theory should be harder??
  4. Still getting caught up inside Rhinos.
  5. Meteors are like rocking horse poop. I have spent literally days of real time sucking my thumb up north waiting and hoping and in over a year of playing I have encountered one that was on the ground and I didn’t have anything to crack it with cause I wasn’t actively hunting them. Being as how it is absolutely necessary for most of the endgame gear this is a HUGE oversight. You’d be better off taking ALL the epic weapons out of the game as they are basically nothing more than a tease. Maybe let us forge composite obsidian in our own forges so that at least one of the endgame mats is not an absolute chore to get hold of.
  6. Legendary repair kits. Now you guys are well aware that the purge is not working like you want it too. The only way to get legendary repair kits other than from a very lucky drop in unnamed city is from a purge thrall. So I have never seen a purge. It just has never occurred for me. So I cannot now and never have been able to repair my legendary weapons making those completely useless after a few hours use. This is just plain silly. We shouldn’t be punished for sticking with the game for as long as we have only too have most of the endgame gear more of a luck based thing than a reward for time spent.

Heaps more but these are some of the more annoying ones. Sorry for the long ■■■ post.

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The tittle tho xD i got flag by someone by putting gibberish on tittle he say xD o had to make 15 characters for the tittle…

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Re point 3 - yes get made the Sepermeru NPCs tougher. And more changes there so it’s not such a friendly and forgiving city are due with the next large patch update. Look in testlive section if you don’t mind spoilers.

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There is a setting to disable first person on pc idk if there is one on console

If you want starmetal dismantle starmetal arrows, starmetal bar 1 bar is equal to 10arrows if you dismantle that you will get 10 starmetal bar this bug which they dont intend to release a separate patch to fix… they can make a small patch to fix this but they don’t care about it its been fix on testlive but we still have to wait for the dungeon to be release. (This bug worls with any bars with arrows)

Legendary repair kit can also be found on chest on unnamed city

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