Building bug issues

There are some annoying bugs. Some of them are old and still not fixed. There is also a new bug.

  1. Screenshot by Lightshot
    Cannot rotate. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. The reason is unknown.

  2. Screenshot by Lightshot
    Ceiling sometimes doesn’t get stuck on columns.


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. We already sent the information regarding the sloping inverted wall to our team for investigation.

Can you please share more details regarding the issue of the column? Unfortunately, from the picture sent we weren’t able to identify what seems to be happening.

Thank you in advance. We await your reply.

Maybe Funcom will disagree with me but I think there are at least 3 other issues with the building system right now.

  1. For no apparent reason when placing bldg pieces (such as walls) the game will change the orientation of one bldg piece so the players has to adjust the orientation/facing. The game has improved to where the player doesn’t have to reorient the bldg pieces as much one used to have to but when placing many pieces (walls are good again) one piece will oddly switch to an incorrect orientation/facing. This suggest to me that there is a tiny bug somewhere in the code. I could be wrong though.

  2. I still believe that stairs need to be tweaked so that stability is the same no matter what direction the stairs are oriented in. After all one can argue that each individual step is connected to a wall when the stairs are placed so that they go diagonally up a wall.

  3. This one is like 2. When attaching a pillar/column with a square tile on the bottom and a triangular tile on the top, the snap to point was done like the stairs and stability negatively impacted or not improved when connecting to the triangular piece.

Sorry this isn’t a close up but it’s the only pic I have ATM that I can use. If you look closely you can see the pillars are connected to a triangular tile piece. Also, note that the foundations go all the way to the ground. The pillars are attached to the foundations. So there should be good stability from the ground all the way up the pillar. However, stability turns red at the top of the pillar. This looks like a rush job or over sight to me. Again. I could be wrong.

I think the same about the stairs as I already mentioned. Note the diagonal stairs against the bldg walls. Each successive stair placed with this orientation will degrade stability.

Overall the building system has improved significantly. Thank you!

Also, thank you for the opportunity to play test on test live. I fear that my days of playing/testing may be coming to a close though. In my old age I am getting stupid when working on my computer. I just killed my most recent computer and have resorted to an older PC with windows 8 on it. This does not meet the requirements suggested to play Conan Exiles.

Good luck in the future Funcom. I’m rooting for you!


Ceiling cannot be placed on pillar. Supported from below, stable. But it cannot be placed.

This happens sometimes and it started after the last update. If it is not clear, I can post a video later and show it.

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video here: Conan_ Exiles 2022-12-07 17-17-53 (can be deleted after a day)
This problem happened after the update. fast solution please :confused:


Thank you for the additional information and video. We added it to the original report along with screenshots of the video to make sure we don’t miss out on it.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


There is an issue with placing ladders. I no longer can place a ladder beneath a hatch, this totally defeats the purpose of even having a hatch or a ladder for that matter. Stairs are not ideal for creating a second floor within our structures. Please fix this.

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I just went into creative mode and I just found out that hatches get more snap points the higher up the tier you go. Who came up with that dumb idea? What makes a sandstone hatch any less attachable than any other hatch? We shouldn’t have to wait beyond level 19 in order to build a second floor to our bases. Fix this!!!

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