Building designs/thoughts

Credit goes to for helping me with the shapes of these.
My friend built a tower with the shape of the one that gets wonky below. I didn’t see him build it and wasn’t even sure how to do it the way he did so I got on this website and played around. After some testing here are some of the results.

I may share more designs in the future. We’ll see. Sorry for the spelling error of “symmetrical” in the .png. Didn’t realize until now.

Symmetrical and extendable classic castle design:


…did you nick those from me? Just kidding, I know you didn’t since mine are not online anywhere, but that’s uncannily close to the design doc I made once upon a time (right down to the tool used, which is amazing for planning CE builds).

Nice :slight_smile:

Particular kudos for showing how this becomes extensible/modular, it’s when one starts to “grok” that, that the need for “oddly shaped” pieces to fill out holes disappears - a common request from novice/impromptu builders.


Handy tool, thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

And thus began the medieval age.

There used to be a guide similar to this in the Steam forums for CE. Looks like it may have been removed by the author since I did not see it.

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