Why for the love of Crom cannot we have semi circle base pieces?!?!

Me trying to build a yurt. What a pain in the A

CE is the only game I have ever cried IRL because of some building weirdness that just would…not…FIT!


So it makes complete sense that :
A - a Yurt tent needs a foundation, I mean the nomads of Yor carried around bricks just for that, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


B - The foundation is a square.

For the love of. . . .

Just make a semi or quarter round base please!
If you can make a quarter round roof piece than figure it out.


You did well. Took me a lot longer to get it all together :joy:

It is a beautiful tent, not really a yurt. since it is not made of felt, but still like it. As usual, the art dept is amazing. I used to have a caravan way stop near my old base, and these would have been perfect for that.

I just do not get FC’s design of a semi circular roof piece without the same type as a base.


I don’t have the pack, not a fan of the Turan set, but where does that piece even anchor to?

Good morning .
the room in question is placed on square foundations for lack of anything better.
as JJDancer points out, this manipulation is risky.
The points underlined by JJDancer, namely why Funcom did not implement a circular foundation or a circular pattern when there are circular and relevant ceiling sections.

I like the concept of a soft curve outer face on building items.
But the only drawback I can see with it is the potential limitation of how far away from the center it is for the curve to be functional.
From it’s initial setup, it seems only good enough for a small 6 wedge round base.
Really, it can’t be built any bigger than that and remain in a true round form.
The farther you build out away from the center, the arc of the circumference will also be larger.

Yep, a great suggestion. Would certainly enhance a lot of builds, especially in PvE. Gets my vote.

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Yep semi-circle foundations would be nice as well as inverted wedge pieces because my yurts needs to be bigger than 2 circle layers (they have normal wedges so yeah I’m trying to figure out why the inverted wasn’t in there) .


And one more item, a round crenalation, so I can build round towers.


Absolutely this. I can’t believe I missed it when building a base with it. It would really pop if it had it.

Its the first set of round pieces so I am sure there will be more later. Its a move in the right direction.


And round anti-climb fence to keep unwanted visitors out of my towers.

So that’s:

  • Round roof
  • Round wall (solid)
  • Round wall (window)
  • Round foundation
  • Round crenellation
  • Round fence (anti-climb)
  • Rounded stairs (like a spiral stair case that fits along the interior of a curved wall)

Anything else missing?

There is already a round roof.

next: Right angle pieces (fill corner of squares)

with associated walls that fit on the longer ‘C’ arc of the triangle

and associated roof parts and angled walls

But before all that, I’d REALLY like funcom to fix the Stormglass glass angled roof and new glass roof to block raindrops like the normal angled roof and flat roof… been an issue since Siptah released and with the paid store add-on.

edit: feel like I can only use Stormglass where it never … storms (IoS, desert, snow, and volcano zones)

I have a probably stupid question: does the treehouse foundation work for this?

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Actually I will try and see, thank you.


yes straight roof sections that would fit with the quarter round so you can have ornate ovals.

Me too. In fact since the treehouse section works like 6 wedges, I don’t even have any data about wedge pieces and how they work

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I don’t know anything about this set, but I saw this post, where I saw a circular sided foundation.

That’s not a foundation, that’s a ceiling.

I wonder if the corner pillar trick could be used to make a “foundation” out of 4 rounded ceilings with 1 pillar supporting them all.

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