Building deterioration rate a disincentive to keep playing

Stopped playing on my dedicated server today. Just taking a hard look at the effort to create and how quickly it is all gone.

I have put tens of hours into building up my character and my base in the jungle. It looks quite nice and I had planned on expanding it as well as creating a new base in the cold lands. I don’t build monster bases with 90% wasted space. I build small compact bases. When talking to my wife about our upcoming summer vacation for two weeks, it dawned on me that my construction would be all gone by the time I get back.

The best I could do would be to set to max encumbrance and gather everything loose and hold it on my character while I am gone then start anew when a new biome comes out. More hours and hours of farming materials to rebuild what I already had makes no sense to me unless it is a new biome with a new player experience.

Yes, I could just play alone but enjoy the social interaction which is a big part of these games in my opinion.

I would hope that funcom sees this problem for us dedicated server players and increases the max rate to at least 30 days. Otherwise, when people come back from vacation or take a break playing another game for awhile, coming back to everything being gone will just end up with a rage quit and empty servers.

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