"Building is not Allowed Here"

In the city without a name he has never stopped building. It is not an error.

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I know that you play this game from day one , still when I started the game , 2+ years ago we couldn’t build in unnamed city . There are some places around that you can build , for example there where you are but closer to the Scorpion boss , or to a tower on the pass from the abysmal obelisk area to Sepermeru and that spot is almost always closed in official servers making the life of the newcomers difficult . To be honest I think there would be a mechanism that make more non build areas for servers and build everywhere for solo game . Since you never join servers , believe me you are very lucky on a part , your vision for this game is still pure , you cannot imagine how much complex some players can saw to others in this game :pensive: .

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They mentioned in another post that this won’t happen, unfortunately. I hope they change their mind and add a slider for claim radius.

My guess is that the PS4 had initially three versions of the game built in, Solo, co-op, and online. This is why there’s so many issues now that we are using a single version.

On the “upside” it may help with getting future updates faster.


I believe someone told me after I rented my server that land claim radius is adjustable on server but has to be set up at launch or after wipe.


Ok folks I have now received some clarification from Ignasis in a seperate thread. And while it seems to be bad news, I cannot be 100% sure. Here is what he had to say.

However, as I explained to Ignasis, my main base is my primary base is not located outside of the Cursed Wall, or inside a cave or a dungeon. It is along the banks of the River Biome, in a rather ordinary location. It is in close proximity to a now despawned Exiles camp, approximately 4-5 foundations away diagonally in distance. However, as I will further elaborate in the following post, and as my screen shots have illustrated, the problem not just being unable to build there, but recognition of ownership there is extremely sporadic and confusing. Please see below…


Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug? Misc]
Region: [Here]

As there has been ‘concerns’ raised about the clarity and purpose of another thread which deals with this issue, I have decided to generate a bug report of it as a precaution.

Since Update 2.3 on consoles, some Singleplayers such as myself have found that we are no longer able to build next to Obelisks, in dungeons, deep within the Unnamed City, beyond the Cursed Wall in the outer rim, inside of caves, or even in Sepermeru. However now we can not even so much as a common build a humble Bedroll at any of them. When I attempt to place an item it only reads “Building is Not Allowed here”. This message has also begun to appear at some players bases. Was this a planned or intended change, or is it a bug?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attempt to build in locations where we previously could. Notable dungeons and the outer rim
  2. Realise we no longer can
  3. Generate a bug report and request a course of action in two threads
  4. Start another thread to clarify

Hey @Croms_Faithful

Most of these things you’re describing are the results of exploit fixes released since Update 2.0 and therefore included in the 2.3 console update.
Building inside dungeons, or outside the green wall, for instance, has been fixed as part of anti-exploit measures.
In particular (ommitted the lines that don’t apply):

Regarding this point:

If these player bases were found in any of the fixed locations, their structures are not destroyed, but no other placeables or structures can be added.

There are currently no plans to add a setting override for these exploit restrictions.


Tragic that building in so many locations is consider an “exploit”.
I do hope, at some time in the future, a toggle to remove these new exclusion zones or other no build designators is added. Like god-mode, ghost-mode, and harvest/thrall breaking speed multipliers, it’s something that while not necessarily appropriate for PvP, is of great utility to console players for customizing their game experience. Especially as we cannot simply install the Less Building Restrictions mod.

But at least we know it is a deliberate restriction and not a bug. Thank you for that information.


Thankyou for the reply @Ignasi, I appreciate it. But your post only answers half of my questions, and does not provide an answer to other issues attached to this which are causing me confusion and stress.

For one, my primary base is not located outside of the Cursed Wall, or inside a cave or a dungeon. It is along the banks of the River Biome, in a rather ordinary location. And now I can no longer build there either. And there are other matters relating to this which are further complicating the matter. Can you or one of our other CMs PLEASE visit my first bug report thread (below) which I created? I must not only understand what has happened, but what my best options to correct it are moving forward? Because I am sure that you yourself, and for that matter any other member, can understand I do not want to have to tear down my entire base which I spent over 1.5 years building singlehandedly, and start again at my beginnings. I am not a person who has just created an account to troll, but someone who loves Conan Exiles and admires Funcom as an organisation, and has dedicated my time time outside of work to helping this community which they have created here. Please dont shun me; help me!


Here is a drawing of the outlay of my base. Please pardon its crudity. The colour coding is explained in the key below. There is a compass located above, and the dead camp is represented by the small flame icon in the upper left.

1) Ok so at this point, the first thing I would like to check is as follows: My main base is not located in one of the places Ignasis outlined above. Would the dead Exiles camp be what is generating this issue, or could it be something else at play here?

2) The reason I ask stems from the drawing. Ok, so I could understand the West wing areas displayed as red being no build if the cause is what is listed above. However, why then is most of the Main Hall area, shown as green listed as owned, yet when I get to the East wing area in blue (even further away again than the Main Hall), is it back to labelled as unowned when it is further away…!? It doesnt make sense.

3) In addition, to this, why can I not place new foundations even further east past the East wing (eithet detatched from or joined to the buildin), considering that it is some 25 foundation spaces away in total…?? That is huge! It just doesnt seem like the expected amount of no build radius to be attached to a generic Exiles bonfire.

*Rationale: Now here is the thing. The reason I would like to know is this. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer who build this mansion alone, over the course of some ~18 months WITHOUT cheating resources using the Admin Panel. It is my pride and my home. And for one, I do not want to go pulling it down unless we are absolutely certain that the camp is the cause of this, because other strange things are afoot. And for two, if I must tear it down, I would much prefer to only tear down the minimum amount neccessary, then expand further to the east. Just think of it as ‘X number of steps to the right’. So hence, I am attempting to establish why the building pieces are labelled erratically so that I may plan my next move accordingly.

So I am once again pleading to the CMs; please help me solve this so that I can move forward withe game I love.
@Ignasi, @Community

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Could you please provide the exact location of this base just so we can confirm if any of these locations are the ones affected by the exploit fixes or by any other change included in the update?
A screenshot of the ingame map pointing at the location would suffice.

Please understand that nobody is getting shunned nor these changes are to be taken personally. Please provide us with the information above so we can better look into this particular issue and see what’s the particular blocker causing this.


Thankyou so very much Ignasis! My main base is located at coordinates J,3 on the Map, where the red icon is shown in the above image, and where the player icon is located in the lower image.

Ps- I should just note that once we hit the second, third floor and ceiling of the structure, while the red areas remain unchanged, the green areas displayed on the image then become blue in their behaviour and messages, ie- not owned but able to build. So while the ground below those levels is recognised as owned, the ones above are not! Sound confusing? It is. Well certainly to myself at least.


Thank you for the location. We’ve sent it to our team to see if we can identify the particular blocker in this case.


Thankyou kindly good sir. I shall wait and see what it turns up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I kinda wish they would remove this feature in Single Player… Its very clear at one time it was stated SP/Server follow same rule sets which is why theres little change on some aspects. (and some don’t work since its handle differently)

Why even have them in place in SP. Let alone Private Servers…


Please excuse the bump. But I need to give Ignasis more time to get an answer from the team. Furthermore, I dont want to risk having to re-compile or explain all of this information again. It took a long time as it is in the first instance.


You do what you do to keep the question fresh in view.
Considering how often repeat threads occur, I would have to consider a bump a least of sins, if even an offense.

To be certain, even if there is no fix for the matter, a bit of under the hood on exactly where (and if we are very lucky, why) exclusion zones are being added/expanded would be appreciated. In specific terms rather than general or vague answers.
Specific answers to the where and why help me decide where to build so I don’t have to worry about the zerg creep of no build intruding on my larger projects with future updates.


I am actually surprised to read that PS4 had the ability to build everywhere in SP, I don’t think we on PC could without a mod unless there is some setting I missed. There is an option for admins to build everywhere but it was limited to 100 pieces or something along the lines. The issue Croms_Faithful is having is probably related to the his build’s proximity to a NPC camp.

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I am not quite certain of that myself. When doing some show and tell in a thread over a year ago now, I asked a former member Shadoza if he had this abilty, and if memory serves me correctly he had some, but not all of these freedoms. The threads showing some of the places I could build are posted below. Unfortunately I cannot check the details of this conversation within, as he has closed his forum account, and they are no longer present. But even then, this was a much older version of the game.

Thread 1

Thread 2

Pure speculation here, but perhaps it has something to do with the PC version not having a ‘true’ offline mode. :man_shrugging: By this I mean that it is possible to play Singleplayer mode, but the PC must still be hooked up to the internet, juxtaposed to consoles where we do not require a connection to play at all. Case in point, I have gone quite literally months at a time without even hooking my ps4, and for that matter Conan Exiles, up to the internet. Or perhaps it was just the best bug in the history of the game. :laughing:

I cant say that I have seen this option on my console before. Is this in the base game or is it a feature added by a mod?

Honestly, that would be more than enough to suit me. It would mean two things for me at the end of the day: I) that we can still place community Maprooms near Obelisks, and retain the creative freedoms that this phenomenon offered, including being able to build in the Unnamed City. And II) the most important for me, that we can still place a Bedroll in a dungeon. Intended or not, this was for me the single biggest Quality of Life feature in the history of the game. No Im serious! Its not that the others were unhelpful, but the convenience thos offered Singleplayers and Admins cannot be overstated. I would need a separate small post to do it justice as to why, so if you would like to know then ask me to elaborate hereafter.

Perhaps, but I would still prefer to wait for the proverbial word from upstairs. It may be, but it seems more complicated. For example, the fact that the pieces on the are no longer showing as owned, yet the ones in the center are. Unless the restriction functions as a virus of sorts, sending false or conflicting messages to all items attached to it. And if so, it only affect building pieces and not placeables. I know it comes off as a kind of silly analogy, but I am struggling to understand why it is just so erratic and inconsistent. :confused:


It is a console command on PC, not sure if you have access to those :woman_shrugging:

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