"Building is not Allowed Here"

hmmm…any “caves” that run in that area…haven’t done exiles in a bit, been on siptah. Hope it can be figured out though.

It is what it is.
All I can do is add my voice to the request for an admin panel toggle at some point in the future.

I’m just lucky that it wasn’t in a location I was already very invested in.
A few dozen Aquilonian fence foundations isn’t the end of the world…
But it is such a scenic and convenient spot.

TLDR; I sympathize with your distress and also ardently hope for a work around.


Is there any plan to block the area of the Forge of first men, or the houses at K6?
I would like to know if there will be any plan to expand or create new non building areas.
The last hotfix took half of my base. I just lost the confidence to build freely on the 2.4 patch if there will be unannounced restrictions. I understand the Siptah map not released officially, but it is now a minefield to build new bases. I need clarification.


I have now attempted to create a clan which for the sake of reference I named CFH. Unfortunately, while the building pieces began to show as owned (by the clan, not myself) I was still unable to place pieces in or around my base. The messaging was largely the same as before. These two were displayed on the inside of the base:

While the now all too familiar ‘Building is not Allowed here’ appeared outside the base.

So I left the clan following the instructions provided by CodeMage. However to complicate the situation (now refer to my picture in Post no.58), the placeables and areas displayed in the green sections have reverted back to my username ownership. However, the areas shown as red and also blue still bear the now non-existant clan CFH name for ownership!

No, none at all.

It has now been just over 2 weeks since this post. Has there been any word or insight back from the team yet? Please brighten my day and tell me that there is some news to share.

Okay, that’s weird. I know this is not a useful comment, but I don’t really know what to think about this. The only thing that comes to my mind is that your savegame database might have gotten corrupted, but I really hope it’s not that.

Is there any way to get the game.db off a PS4 and upload it somewhere?

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F8nal thought…
Is there any craft stations or anything built on the floor above. I found some stations, don’t k ow why, have caused this error when I try to add walls etc directly below. lifting station on that floor allowed me to place, then I could place the station back again.


I just ran around the area you showed us with a foundation and it seems there is a decenly sized radius around that exile camp blocking any placements. Still not sure whyyour main entry is fine but not the wing opposite of the one closest to the camp, though I did see a demonic shaleback ambling about. The no build radius covered the whole bottom left part of the sand patch in j4 and extended past the green bit in i4. I know, not very helpfull, sorry

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No its fine CodeMage, even if we have not been able to come up with an idealised solution I cannot accurately express just how much I actually appreciate yourself and other members trying to help me in my time of need. It means a lot.

Perhaps. If @Barnes were still here he would have had some good input to offer, he saved me from data corruption in the past. I could try and rebuild the database…

Pardon my ignorance, but I am not what is meant by ‘game.db’. Do you mean the save file…? If so there are two options. 1) is to upload our saves to ‘cloud’ through the PSN. Although I have little understanding as to what actually, and absolutely zero idea how to use it. 2) we can also copy the save data to a usb or external hd, then restore it at anytime. I have already done the later.

But why do you ask?

Yes. The second floor has a fermentation barrel, stove and firepit (my kitchen), the third floor has a vault above, my treaure and curiosities floor, finally the roof has a Maproom on top of the central main hall. However, it has the same issues.

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Yeah I noticed that one recently too. It sounds like it could br the culprit, although I want to wait for word back from Funcom before I jump the gun.

Yeah me neither mate, this is exactly what casts doubt or uncertainty over the above hypotesis for me, and regularly veers me away assumption, and back to the guesswork loop, over and over again.

Now see this is what I dont understand. Whether or not it is indeed to blame, why on earth must it be so darn big, its insane. Wouldnt a simple say…2-4 foundations been a big enough exclusion zone? I seems like some heavy duty overkill to me.

No, no Nord-Oskilgetinn, see my reply to CodeMage above to sumise how I feel. The basic gist of it is that I really appreciate you guys all trying to help me out in this dark time, when you all could have just left me to my fate.


Sounds like you need to move your base sounds like fun i got the bags if you need help lol no keeping it on topic i to have ran into this problem on the Xbox something happened on that last update with the building system for both consoles hopefully it gets fixed with the update this week.


Before Warmaker Patch on my Official Server, I built a castle right on the very fringe of it, on the mesa overlooking Set City. I built it deliberately to test the effects because we Asurans are nerds.

After Warmaker dropped, my bedchamber and entire outer wall were now non-buildable. That also means non-bombable. I thus had claim to land that wasn’t mine.

Ignasis has thrown a variable in which is the patches for exploit fixes. Because I cannot replicate this situation with any pre-patch buildings, I can’t see what’s happening. But to me it seems you have a landclaim that is split between you and no owner.

It would be very beneficial for you to visit the Exile Camp that is nearby and start building around it. Build around it to see if you can detect its perceptible “bubble.” I know it might seem laborious, but a series of stair-stepped fence foundations might elucidate what’s happening here.

No panacea, just more work for you, but I assure you it ain’t jerkin’ time, Friend.


Any chance of a flying overview picture of your base and surrounding area? I’ll try replicating foundation placement and see what happens, if you want

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Yes, sorry. It’s the file where the game stores the state of your single-player world for Exiled Lands. (For Siptah, the filename is different.)

Because sending your game.db to the devs and/or to other players is a good way to have more people look at the problem. I confess I would like to open it in Conan Exiles on my computer and see if the same thing happens and fiddle with it to see if there’s anything that can be done.


The PS4 doesn’t allow browsing of the file system and although the save data can be exported, it is encrypted to the user that created the file when logged in.

Conan has two categories of files “user settings” and “single player / co-op game data”

When these are exported, four files are created, these are ment to be loaded to another PS4 (or PS5) and can only be used when the same user that created the files is logged in.


That’s f…ing awful :confused:

I’ll never understand why console manufacturers pull stupid stunts like that.


Trophies and Game/Save Sharing pretty much killed it, Thou… (I forget Funcoms stance on it(forum rules anyway)

There 3rd party tools to wipe user data attached to it. (thou this can often get you in trouble) Or even open the Save Data for tweaking, (A common issue for consoles, who often get called “hackers”

PC users can outright open setting.ini file (or proper name inserted) and console users kinda get left out.

I also suspect there just trying prevent people from fiddling with files easier, Still remember all “hacked” pawns in Dragons Dogma that could crash your game if they loaded into your world. (which was random, and those form top of leaderboard, which hackers(aka save edits) would allow them to get a Pawns to top by a little editing. =/ (pawns with out s is a in filter ?_?)

(or people who edit setting to remove bushes in pvp modes, cause they can force edit Ui Settings etc)


Using anything that is not officially supported, by Sony, has the possibility introducing something unexpected and in this case it may hinder finding the correct solution to the building problem.

I am all for user options and choice but, when it comes to troubleshooting we need all the conditions that can be replicated as close as possible.

We also need to think about that the developers may be able to fix this for the OP internally but, may not be able to disclose the method due to NDAs on the console side.

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I suspect that it is a negative outcome resulting from the new anti-undermesh system. Funbags did you lose the ability to build at a base too, and if so then where abouts?