Unable to place anything

Game mode: Singleplayer Offline
Problem: Bug
Region: Near Oasis of Nekhet

Am I doing something wrong? I have already built a small starter base so am fairly familiar with the building mechanics but I have just travelled across the map to choose a new base location and can no longer place anything. There is no red cross or message saying can’t build here, the R1 button just doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve left the game and came back, tried going online (Co op enabled) but nothing I do seems to help at all
Any ideas?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This has happened to me as well quite a bit. It seemed to be that I was building too close to another’s claimed land although it does not produce that message. For all intents and purposes it says it is a valid location but nothing happens other than the “sound” of building placement.

The reason it appeared to be too close to alreadyt claimed land without giving me the message is thata few days later when a base decayed I was able to place the block.

That said other times shows it is availble to build but clicking it doesn’t work - however clicking it over and over for an indeterminate amount of time let’s it be placed. Very strange.

I did think that but I’m playing single player offline so I don’t know who would have claimed the land.

Hey @Davrun and @Odinsson

Welcome both to our community :slight_smile:
Please make sure you’re not trying to build near NPC camps or protected areas. Could you share a screenshot of the place you’re trying to place your new base so we can see what could be the problem?

unfortunately the server I was playing on unexpectedly changed from pve-c to a pvp server which I wasn’t aware could happen… and today my base has been destroyed while offline thinking it was a safe server -_-. If I happen across the problem again I will post a screenshot, but I can confirm in one case it was near a thrall bonfire camp … but in all other cases it was no where near anything… and in a couple instances surrounded by other parts of my base.

Were you playing in a private servers? Private server owners are able to change any settings at any time.
If it was on an official server, that could be a bigger issue.

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