"Building is not Allowed Here"

Its so good to hear from you guys Hugo!

While its a blighter that we dont have an answer, I am still just so relieved to read your reply. I have said it time and again here on the forum, I will take bad news, or even a ‘nothing just yet’ over silence any day.

This is A-ok with me, please just drop in and let us know when you all know something. Because even if it does happen to be bad news, at least we will have closure, know how best to proceed. Moreover I can, depending on the outcome, put a couple of suggestions out there.

Thanks for the reply Hugo. And I dont just mean “hmmm…well erm…rheee, thanks, I guesss…” Seriously, thankyou so much for the reply!! Now let us celebrate the only way we know how in the Exiled Lands! :smiling_imp: :metal:




@Community I do apologise, I know it has not been that long since I last tagged you all here. But I am assumimg that tomorrow will be the last day at work for most of you and then you folks are on holidays(?). As such, I just wanted to check if there has been any information unearthed about this before you all head out for your vacation?

Honestly, I miss Hugo too Zeb. I do.

But what I miss even more is having a fully functional base which I can pick up and put down both objects and followers in, and expand if I wish to do so. And if the idea to remove the Purge from the southern banks of River biome goes ahead, then that will be another kick to my poor base while its down.

Sorry Zeb, not trying to be rude to you, or to rope you into this calamity. I just have my cranky pants on with this issue, and even more so now that I am probably not going to get an answer for another 4 weeks + now that Funcom are on their holidays.


Might be a stupid question, but I know you do single player. Have you tried going to Admin mode to move the parts in question? I just thought of it, so I haven’t tried it myself.

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Apologies for the late reply there @speedice, this one slipped the net.

Speedice can you clarify what exactly you mean by using admin mode to move the parts in question. If we can use admin mode to do that then I have been unaware of it, can we do this somehow? And also which ‘parts’ do you refer to here buddy? Placeables, benches, building pieces, Im not sure I follow.

I’m not sure why I lost contact with this thread, but I saw no notifications on it since my reply.

When I built into the ruins atop Klael prior to the new dungeon, I did it because of two reasons:

  1. I predicted it would be exploitable and
  2. I did not want unfriendlies to exploit it.

When you build deliberately close to a non-build area you do it for two reasons:
a) To prevent enemies from being able to place a bomb at a weak point or entry point and
b) To eventually “own” an entire area within a no-build zone when Funcom “fixes” or expands the no-build range.

This is a fix you can and should lay at the feet of PvP.

I made myself the administrator when I arrived home, and was able to manipulate (destroy) parts that were not shown as mine in non-admin mode. I could pick up placeables, but the dancer was just eliminated.

It’s not ideal. You would lose any building pieces.

not 100%. PvE had people building too close on purpose to kill spawns. They wanted to make it harder to kill NPC spawns by trolls.

And this particular issue was actually corrected long ago on Xbox and PC, and technically where PS4 people built was the bug that was indirectly “fixed” with one of the newer patches.


Are you PC? If so, this option may not be doable on PS4. Limited by no keyboard inputs, and some admin friendly tricks are only Doble with typed commands.

I believe that we only receive notifications if you are the person who created the thread. For everyone else, it is only if they receive a direct reply to one of their posts within.

That may be the case for PvP on officials, but it is not the case here. So allow me to offer you a third reason which applies to me as a purely Offline Singleplayer:

  1. Because it is a great piece of flat land close to a body of water, and with a majestic view. And since I first started playing the game (at launch time on ps4), there has never once been building restrictions there previously.

Not sure what point you are trying to make here. That PvP needs it? Fine, doesnt bother me. But…

It should never have seen the light of day in Singleplayer mode!!

For all of the actual fixes this game needs, they decided to go ahead and spend time removing creative freedoms for the one mode where it was impossible to negatively impact upon other peoples games. It is yet another kick in the guts for Singleplayer mode and for Server Admins. You know I supported these restrictions when they were announced for officials, wanting to see online players get some reprieve from trolls and spammers. But after this was deviously implemented into my mode via stealth, I will NEVER, and I mean EVER support another building restriction in this game again! And I will fight bitterly, tooth and nail to oppose them every step of the way.


Ok think* I follow you now speedice. This is where the presentation is different in my game. Both with AND without Admin mode I am still free to pick-up benches, placeables and thralls. However, I am completely and utterly unable to place them back down again afterwards in the areas shown as red on the picture in Post no.58, ie-the western side of my base. As such, I now have no choice but to either a) leave them there permanently, or b) have that 40% of the base be either unfurnished and unguarded.

I will get to some more replies after work.

None of what I was saying applies to Single Player. What I mean is (and now Big Cane has corrected me) multiplayer has caused these fixes. They would never have been needed for single player, and it’s unfortunate you even need to know the nefarious ways people would exploit. I’m on your side here, because this mono-map approach hasn’t seemed to keep the single player in mind.


I understand your frustration. But if I remember this was actually a bug for PS4 SP that had never been reported (ie most saw it as a perk for being on SP and not online.) MY GUESS is it got “corrected” when they were fixing both undermesh and build areas around camps that were being exploited. Unfortunately, this got rid of the “good” bug you had. I do not think it was devious, as that implies they knew about the bug, then fixed it. I think it was an accidentally fix instead.

I do believe SP should have full freedom. But if coding wise that opens up holes to exploits for online players, it may never be 100% SP freedom. Especially if tied to the paintbrush (coding wise) used to insure certain areas are protected/blocked 100%. It may be (too?) hard to remove or change to make all players happy.


It is a good thing that all platforms are now getting in sync however, a slider to increase/reduce the “no-build” areas would not affect or exploit online servers.


I do believe the .db can be edited, but that is useless for Consoles :confused:

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Biggcane55 can you link us a source on them saying that it was a bug? Because to the best of my own knowledge, they had never even publicy acknowledged it until after the Update. And this is after I personally invited them to clarify/acknowledge it in no fewer than two threads previously.

You know it is quite possible that you are indeed right, perhaps even probable. But unfortunately, until they clarify this for us yours and my guesses are as good as anyones.

Thanks @biggcane55, appreciate the sentiment. :+1: Depending on what the devs turn up when looking into this, I have a couple of potential solutions I can should the need arise. One of which h3rb1 has already beat me to! :laughing:

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Ahhh I see, thanks for clarifying @Barnes, and apologies if I got a bit tetchy there. I am just very upset that I am stuck in this boat at the moment.

Yep, the cheating, exploiting scum among the online multiplayer community more specifically. No, no [soft, friendly chuckles] I was already well aware of the some of this conduct firsthand. As I have mentioned previously, I have had a number of forrays into online PvP, and to a lesser extent PvE, on a friends Xbox. But it was just something which I didnt stick around for. After all, I play Singleplayer mode for a reason, I like the tranquility and more of a ‘Skyrim’ inspired gameplay experience. Well that and also my internet limitations.

Thanks Barnes, much obliged friend. And I agree. We have just lost so much goodness in one fell swoop, and that is not even factoring my bases into the equation. Its very disheartening.


Hah! I knew you are a thinking man h3rb1! Agree, this was one of my 3 original ‘compromise’ suggestion ideas. Well said. I myself had three which I was going to offer up:

1) Add slider to adjust NPC landclaim radius. Basically what you have already suggested. The premise it that we as Singleplayers & Server Admins could increase or decrease the landclaim size (ie-no build zone) on npc camps/structures. Same princple as player owned structures.

2) Transform ‘fewer building restrictions’ console command into an Admin setting. This is a console command for PCs, which allows players to place up to 100 additional building pieces within no build zones. But sadly we do not yet have this valuable option on consoles.

3) Add an admin setting to ‘disable building restrictions’. Not certain if this is technically feisable or not, but I previously suggested that we could add an Admin setting to toggle the building restrictions on and off.

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Aye he often was. All good Zeb.

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