Building pieces disappearing, players glitching through world, endless falling

We run a dedicated server and players have started having issues today. It’s random players, not a server wide issue, but we can’t recreate it. Hoping someone here has some ideas on how to fix it:

  1. Random building pieces disappear. They are still there, but they don’t render in and are invisible. They can’t be destroyed.
  2. Players reporting random items disappearing out of their inventories
  3. Players fall through the map and end up in an endless fall or they can’t move at all in game.

We run the following mods:
All the Little things
Less Building Restrictions - No NPC camps
Stone Statues
Pythagoras Support Beams
Savage Steel
Age of Calmatious

Restarting the server seems to help for a little while, but then someone different will have an issue. This just started today and no mods were updated.

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