Building refuse to load

just started playing on official testlive and noticed when i first got into the game i watched somone enter their “home” i could see their benches but no actual building pieces loaded. it looked as though they walked in just fine with no issues. i built my first little home and had to log off… when i logged in a few minutes later my building will not load. i know its not my system or anything like that as i have no problems with any other game. as i said it’s the official US public test server… so no mods either

Did it remain not loaded (as if it wasn’t there) or did it eventually show up?

I ask because I’ve experienced a variation of this on testlive singleplayer - my base spawns in ‘late’, resulting in me getting stuck in the floor when I logon (I’ve also heard from another player experiencing the same thing). I’ve never experienced a performance issue like this before with previous versions of the game (even with far larger more detailed and furnished bases). I’m just wondering if it might be the same cause?

i sat for a good 15 minutes waiting for it to load. going as far as leaving the room to go to the restroom… and it still didn’t load… i would say it’s probably the same issue something on the backend is refusing to allow things to load…

15 minutes is a lot longer than I’ve experienced, but maybe that’s the difference between singleplayer and server. It certainly seems as though this patch may have serious performance issues in addition to everything else.

yeah i feel this patch has borked so much that it isn’t even funny. hopefully this gets a bit of attention

sadly it seems my time on testlive is short lived since i can’t do build a base and expect to be able to do anything else with it if i have to relog… i don’t want to die because my home won’t show up…

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