Buildings become invisible

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Buildings, not decorations as far as I can tell, become invisible.
They also lose their mesh so you just fall through the floor for example.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Hard to tell, but it has happened several times before.
I don’t do anything in particular and this was pretty early in a gaming session. Only 10 minutes or so had passed.
My cache gets refreshed every time I shut down my Xbox, so this was “clean” start as it always is.
I use fast, quality external drives. One for games, and another for DVR. The internal drive is just for the OS.

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Hello @Kruttmusa, thank you for taking the time to share a video of the issue.

Does it only occur during the initial loading of the area?
Is the console connected to the router through wired or wireless?
Which XBox model do you have?
Is the external drive an SSD or HDD?

  • It never occurs during the initial load of the area.
  • Xbox uses a wired connection and has around 10ms to the NIX. I have a 500/500 mbps connection.
  • I have the Xbox One X.
  • I am using a Samsung SSD 500gb which supports speeds up to 540Mb/s.

I have an additional USB 3 256gb stick dedicated to media. You can change the media drive in Xbox so any recordings are written to the USB.
And to repeat, the hard drive that comes with the Xbox is ONLY used for the OS.

I dare say I have a pretty solid setup for my Xbox.
I have noticed a significant performance increase when it comes to loading in other games. I played Fallout 4 a lot before and after I upgraded with an external SSD and the loading was halved.
The Xbox is placed with no obstructions. It’s actually placed on a cooling rack for laptops.

So, I seriously doubt this is on my end.
I also run speedtests to the NIX when stuff like this occurs.

What I did not do, and will do next time it happens, is to toggle the debug HUD so I can check the latency.
I have a keyboard for my Xbox.

Another point to consider is that you are using Granite SDK for texture streaming.
I’ve done some reading on their whitepapers and I quote:

With Granite SDK, there’s no need to load all textures up front at the start of the application. All the runtime subsystems are highly optimized to ensure the lowest latency possible between requesting a piece of texture data, and the moment it becomes available in video memory for rendering.
It doesn’t matter how many textures you have in your scene, or how high the resolutions of those textures are, Granite SDK will elegantly handle all your content at 90 frames per second easily.

I’ve also looked at the ini files from the PC version, and it doesn’t look like the config is optimized for the Xbox One X. Or the PS4 Pro for that matter.
The Xbox profile seems to have less memory allocation than the Playstation which makes me believe it’s aimed towards the older Xbox, not the X.

Thank you for taking the time to share such detailed information, we’ll be sure to forward it to the developers!

Just to clarify, as the issue never occurs during the initial loading, does it occur upon leaving for a different area and returning to it, while hanging around in its premises, or both?

Also, how frequently does it occur?

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It has only happened when I return to the area.
Also note that a base close to my is fairly large and uses about every DLC building there is, while my bases consists of Khitan, Yamatai and Reinforced Stone.

The most worrying part is that it wasn’t only the textures, but the mesh too as you can see in the video.
I have not tried to enter other bases where this has happened using this glitch as I was afraid to get stuck, so I do not know if it’s only my own base I can “walk through”.

It has not happened since this video, and the base next to mine has cut down substantially in size.
Our claim distance is intersecting so we are pretty close.
They also moved all their thralls and pets out, which turned out to be a substantial amount. Around 50 - 60.

Also showed in the video, as I move closer to my longhouse, is where I am getting closer and closer to my neighbour. So there’s probably a lot of buildings, thralls and pets that are coming into render distance at once.

It just happened again, but forgot to record.
This time it was another base that I passed which had the invisible walls. My base was fine once I got there.
I then went back to the affected base, relogged, and it still hase invisible parts.
Only difference is that there are different pieces that are invisible now.

This leads me to believe that this is more a server loading issue and not the client.
If my local cache had issues for example, shouldn’t the same pieces be affected?

Yet another observation.
In the affected base, there was a normal croc that was attacking the pets belonging to the base.
They were not fighting back though.

I shot the croc, the pets “woke up” and started attacking the croc.
And THEN the base loaded completely.

This acts like blocked threads.
And, unfortunately, it also seems that a lot of things happen on the same thread.

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