Bump to move your follower

Followers often block your progress. They have a really bad habit of standing in the doorway to the room you just entered. This blocks your path out of the room. Please make it such that all I have to do is bump into him and he takes a couple of steps back. If I bump into him again, he takes a couple more steps back, and I can keep doing that until he clears a path for me to exit. Most games have this for followers, such as Mass Effect. This is a big frustration. Please fix.


And a kick in the nuts if a bump won’t suffice. Seriously, I want to kick people backwards - my own thralls, as well as hostile NPCs. Would make those fights on high places more entertaining. I mean, we can get knocked off cliffs by NPCs, but they can’t, at least not as easily.


Ahh, those scary ledges!
It would be great if NPCs, thralls, wild animals and pets don’t be afraid of them so they could

  • jump off of or climb/jump on smaller ledges/walls
  • actually fall when you kick 'em
  • of course it would have a height limit (when you start to take damage from falling).

And further improvements:

  • running and NOT teleporting followers (maybe the expception of climbing up and down larger cliffs, walls. I suppose its harder to implement into the game rather just jumping up and down)
  • swimming followers and enemies and animals (not all of them of course, but crocs can’t swim? hahh)
  • as mentioned, the bumping - stepping backwards is a great idea
  • bringing back the surrender animation and actual surrendering/retreating enemies.
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Using the katana heavy attack can get you past those pesky thralls standing in the doorway.


This is true, but not everyone wants to carry an extra katana to solve a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place.


good news, the test live patch has follower commands, and telling them to move is one of them :smiley:


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