Followers and Teleportations

Why dont you just make that you dont have any collision with your followers? That would fix so many issues there is with followers. Today i got stuck to my follower when it suddenly teleported on to me while i was crouching through small hole and no way to get out.

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Not solutions (since that ball is in Funcom’s court), but a couple of possible workarounds depending on what platform etc you are on:
1- Katana - if you carry a cheap katana, you can equip it and use the charged strike (hold right mouse button, then tap left) to lunge forward out of the situation.
2 - if mods are an option for you, Thrall Sidekick includes a setting to turn off follower collision - it does also add a couple of options to the radial menu when you look at a follower, but if you weren’t interested in using the rest of the mod, you can just ignore them without them taking any effect on the game.

I hope one of those helps for the time being

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oh i play on PC official pvp server so mods are not option, i guess the katana trick is only thing that might work. I had axe and tried to use that attack chain to knock my follower but i could only do the first attack for some reason.

But yeh for real solutions removing collision or remove it for 5 sec after follower teleports to you would be something that would probs fix lots of the issues. I’m really confused why this is not already in the game.


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