New follower system garbage

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Region: us

please funcom please fix the follower system thralls will not teleport to you out of fighting players or thralls, weve lost 20 thralls today because they dont teleport back

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. fight run hit return they dont teleport back until youre 200 miles away

Hi @LandongamerLostboy, we’ve sent note to our team regarding this issue, thank you for pointing it out.

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There is a workaround that works for me. If you want a thrall to disengage from the fight, send him a command to go to any direction or return to you. And only after that start runing away.

Also, you can climb up something where thralls or NPC can’t go normally. Then you click on the ground next to you telling your thrall to go there. Because of there is no convenient way to get up there, a thrall will teleport immediately. Works perfect especially in Sepermeru if you climb up on any building roof.

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Set both the fight range and the chase range to 15 or 30 meters. If you don’t, they will chase 50 meters. I had a couple of them stay back in a fight and that fixed it.

Also, 20 thralls, really? Either that’s an exaggeration or you really need to learn how to handle thralls.

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people who were raiding us brought an army of 30+ good thralls that would gang ours

and then when we’d try to pull from fight they wouldnt teleport out

also was an exaggeration it was probably more like 10 we lost was just writing the post after going into base for heals, was pissed 6 thralls we lost were 60+ strength

4 on 1 is what will happen in melee fights, and four level 20 thralls on one level 20 thrall isn’t a fair fight. It will lose every time.

Best to set the fight range and chase distance narrow. At 15 meter chase, they don’t hang around long.

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