Buy crom coins but get nothing

I love playing age of conan and its a game me and my wife generally enjoy together. One of the few. Since we started it back up and rented a new server and have been playing consistently we thought to buy some coins. Mainly for the viking looking stuff in the bazaar at the moment. She bought hers on her xbox no problem. When i went to buy mine… it froze on the transaction for awhile (im hardwired on my xbox with high speed before you cite my internet) and wouldnt move past the purchase and just dropped it. Check my crom coins its at 0. Checked my xbox purchases. Went through for 19.99. Wtf. Tried my credit card instead. Same results. 0 crom coins, 19.99 charged in my purchases twice. Reset the xbox to cover my grounds in hopes its my fault. Same with a 3rd 19.99 charge in my purchases. Checked my bank accounts the next day. Sure enough all three charges were present so you charged me 60 and gave me nothing. Took a ticket out and its been days and ive heard nothing. Im trying to be patient. Read on reddit from another person with a similar issue. Was expecting you to correct the problem. Maybe not immediately but with in a few days or so. Kinda getting annoyed here.

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Age of conan, and conan exiles are two different games my guy!


I assume you are actually playing Conan exiles. No Crom coins in the other game. File a Zendesk report put it into purchases. Good luck Exile and welcome to the Forum. It’s the middle of the week so should get a response soon

Yes im meaning exiles… tickets been filed. Heard nothing for a few days now. Honestly, I’m irritated. Ill wait and be patient for now. But since the item that started this has a 9 day window im thinking that the point of my original purchase is lost. Which seriously will piss me off. So im giving it till then before i become active in my search for a refund. Squeaky wheel and all. Whether thats through my banks, legal or whatever.

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I just went into play store shows I purchased 7800 CC for 49.99 about a year does Xbox have a version of play store that you can check

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Any update?

Thanks honestly didnt think to send it to xbox instead. If i dont get the coins or even a reply from funcom soon ill use xbox to refund my purchases

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Could you share your ticket number with us so we can give it to our colleagues over at the HelpCenter?

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Sorry realized i just posted a general reply and figured i should do it more direct.

Sure Funcom Support #1221610. Im giving it 3days and 19hrs. Thats how long the chieftan of the north dlc is in the game. When it goes i see no reason to try and get the coin and will go for the refund only.

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It seems like that ticket number doesn’t exist. Could you please check again? The ticket number should be on the title of your request. Like this:

The blurred part would be the number you need to give us.

Thank you in advance!

I’d also suggest getting screenshots of the proof of purchase notifications and emails sent to you from the Xbox store to assist with your refund from MS (due to being charged three times for Crom Coins with no results)

Restart your game.

They did

Greetings @Foxhart,

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a valid ticket number. Could you check once more, please?

We appreciate your patience and assistance with this matter.

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