Buying legendary weapons is just wrong

Need I say more? I’ve seen the list, been to the merchants. You should not be able to buy legendary weapons. Now I could see buying weapons made by some named smith, but legendarily?

I just did a head hunt; too easy. Got coins for the redish sorcerers skull, enough to buy a legendary set of daggers. It was by far easier then beating the easiest world boss for a key.

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Yes. Why is it wrong?

Here are some questions that might make this easier to discuss:

  • Which daggers would that be?
  • How do they compare to other, harder-to-get daggers?
  • Is it really easier to kill a sorcerer within a mob of other NPCs than it is to simply bleed a giant spider to death?
  • Why should it be hard to get these daggers?
  • Why does any of this make buying of the legendary weapons wrong? Shouldn’t the fix be to adjust the price or the difficulty of killing sorcerers or any other related factor?

EDIT: As @DeaconElie rightly pointed out, I wrote my third question wrong. It should have said “easier” instead of “harder”, so I’m fixing that now.



The updated rewards for Bounties makes participating in the Bounty system worthwhile. In the first iteration, it was pointless. T3 Volcano thralls and T1 bearer packs were a waste of time as rewards.


Why do you do this? Ya, I know, you like to argue so any argument is a good one. So…

It out balances the game. It’s easy to buy legendaries {New Headhunter camp merchants} all it takes is coins I can get by knocking out sorcerers dragging them to the sink hole headhunter camp. There are 4 real close and live sorcerers are worth some coins.

It’s the head hunter event{?} that is throwing you off. It’s a big pay out for something no more difficult then a small nordheimer camp, or a few wights. But I can make as much coin just capturing sorcerers of any level; quantity vs quality.

Volcano - ??? & ??? (missing both new merchants) Daggers of nameless days,

You can buy the Warspear of the Black Circle for 15 coins. Basically a tenth level could buy an artifact.

Which daggers would that be? Daggers of nameless days

How do they compare to other, harder-to-get daggers? Ledgendaries are RNG and you know it

Is it really harder to kill a sorcerer within a mob of other NPCs than it is to simply bleed a giant spider to death? Never said it was harder, it is way, way easier. Not much different then a corrupt croc with friends.

Why should it be hard to get these daggers? Because they are legendary. What an absurd question.

Why does any of this make buying of the legendary weapons wrong? Shouldn’t the fix be to adjust the price or the difficulty of killing sorcerers or any other related factor? It way out balances the game. Why fight a world boss for a key for a RNG legendary that could be a PoS, when I can just knock a few sorcerers upside the head and buy a nice legendary?

You make those coins as hard to get as chest keys and I’m ok with buying legendaries. Hell right now they are easier to get then gold coins.

Since these things don’t boost anything, it’s basically star metal gear with higher durability. So I think we can all agree they are legendary in name only and just end game gear now.

So how is this any different than some level 10 character with stone daggers beating a spider or giant croc world boss for a key? I mean if legendary gear is an issue for low levels then clearly you would be opposed to this as well, right?

My point is that legendary gear isnt over the top anymore and low levels have no problem getting the anyways. So why the outrage now that there is another vehicle to gain access to them?

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Yes because tenth levels run out there and kill world boss with stone daggers all the time :rofl:
Hey, if a tenth level kills a world boss with stone daggers they deserve that key. For a chest they can’t open so wouldn’t be able to get the legendary weapon anyway. Didn’t think that through did ya?

Get my point?

I suggested weapons made by named armors equivalent to that areas level. Any thing more then that unbalances the game with how easy it is to capture sorcerers.

Umm, I think perhaps you are the one that didn’t think your comment through. :wink: Legendary chests have not had level requirements for many years now, anyone with a skeleton key can get a legendary weapon. :shushing_face:

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News to me. Got out of the habit of opening chests because I could make better weapons by the time I could open them.

None the less any 10th level that can kill a world boss with stone daggers deserves what they get.
So Bob the barbarian kills a world boss with stone daggers at tenth level and gets… love tap.
Don the wise knocks out a couple of sorcerers and buys the Warspear of the Black Circle. Sounds fair and balanced, right?

That’s great news. If someone in full gear tries to screw you up, you have a chance to fight back if you are more skilled in fighting.

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You do realize that we’ve been able to buy legendary weapons from vendors in game for years. Looks at Shamalla the Pirate Queen. Visible confusion as to why this thread exists


And those that collect the skulls of event bosses don’t?

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Because I disagree with the claim in the topic title. Not only that, I disagree very strongly, because I happen to like these changes a lot. I’ve been criticizing the over-reliance on RNG in Conan Exiles for years now, and I’m glad to see that the dev team seems to be taking measures to rectify that.

A small Nordheimer camp is not easier to deal with than a giant spider. Wights are definitely harder than the spider.

The only difference here is the RNG. You might have to go through the boring grind of killing the spider, over and over and over, until you get the daggers you want, rather than just buying them.

So if it’s the lack of RNG you object to, I neither agree, nor even understand that. A good game captivates players because its primary, secondary, and tertiary gameplay loops are fun, not because it forces you to repeat those loops in order to get a lucky outcome.

If the dopamine fix of random chance is really what you crave, I would recommend a trip to Vegas, rather than forcing the rest of us to play that way.

A level 10 veteran of Conan Exiles could buy an artifact, true. They could also get a whole bunch of legendary items out of skeleton-key chests. The only difference is the RNG.

A level 10 player who is new to the game could do neither.

That doesn’t actually answer the question. I’m not sure if English is your native language, but “how do they compare” means “Are Daggers of Nameless Days better or worse than other, harder-to-get daggers?”

And the answer to that, now that I know which daggers we’re talking about, is that these are some pretty damn good daggers. Still, you can get some that are even better from the skeleton-key chests alone.

As for “legendaries are RNG and you know it”, see above: I hear Vegas is really fun. It’s just not my kind of fun.

Sorry, meant to write “easier”. That’s what I was trying to question, your idea that it’s so much easier.

The giant spider is one enemy and it telegraphs its moves to such a degree, that it’s ridiculously easy to kill it. It’s basically Baby’s First World Boss – and that’s totally fine with me. People gotta start somewhere.

A group of human NPCs, on the other hand, will gang up on you, perform combos, stagger you, stun-lock you, and cut you off from moving, if you’re not careful.

At a certain point, you’ll have good enough gear to go through those NPCs like a hot knife through butter. At that same point, you won’t care about legendaries half as much anymore.

What a brilliant rebuttal. Thank you so much for explaining that. :roll_eyes:

Let me ask you something: have you ever had the chance to use a legendary mace called The Brittle Bastard? Do you really think that a mace with 4th lowest armor penetration in the game and durability lower than the iron mace deserves to be hard to get just because Funcom slapped a label on it that says it’s “legendary”?

Well, yes, why fight a world boss for an RNG-gated prize in the first place? I wouldn’t mind it at all if they made world bosses drop legendary crafting materials – the way you get armor scraps in the Warmaker’s – but this whole insistence on protecting the sanctity of the RNG is baffling.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind that. Make sorcerers from different factions earn you different rewards in terms of ancient obolus, and everything’s fine.

Although, to be brutally honest, I’m not inclined to trust your word alone on how hard it is to earn those ancient obolus right now. I’ve seen a few of your misconceptions about this game already, and they don’t inspire confidence.


If you are talking about PVP or PVE-C, sure.

But, for PVE, no.

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Not even then.

There’s this tendency among the forum posters to use the Schrödinger’s Lowbie in their arguments. It’s a fictional player whose low level indicates lack of experience when you’re addressing your opponents arguments (e.g. “no level 10 is capable of killing the giant spider with stone daggers”), but is completely ignored when propping up your own arguments (e.g. “of course a level 10 will breeze through an aggressive NPC camp, knock out a sorcerer, and drag it to a camp, without any serious difficulties”).

Once you realize that an inexperienced level 10 will do neither of these things, and an experienced level 10 could do both (but won’t, because they’ll get to at least level 20 before they’re even breathing hard), you also come to a conclusion that there’s no imbalance here at all, just a lot of empty outrage.