By the blood of our Clan are the Exiled Lands kept safe

Hello Exile Builders

So I stole that line from Lord of the Rings. Lol.

I was watching LOTR Fellowship and I was inspired by the scene where Borimir claims that his clan or kingdom fights back invaders, keeping others safe.

I thought, why not have a similar mechanic in Exiled Lands?

I have stationed my clan base in the lakes area to the West. And there are three world bosses nearby. Why not install a mechanic where they “rampage” across the map, and basically the closest clan base gets a warning. So then the closest clan is charged with fighting the rampaging world boss to stop him, and save other bases from being destroyed?

Obviously a thought in progress, but I thought it would be cool to be charged with a responsibility for keeping the area safe or something. But it only happens at random times etc.

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I’m all for new PvE mechanics, since the purge is so broken right now… This could work like the purge, but have a different meter, and it would only activate if you built near the borders of the map or near world bosses.

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Yes, it activates on bases near bosses, that would be great. I think it might add something to the game for interest.

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