Calandras Sword and Where to Find It


Just wondering if anyone knows about where to find Calandras Sword legendary weapon?

I think it is dropped by Calandra, a one skull NPC in one of the camps in the north side of the island. I can’t remember which one, but if you traverse the beach along the north side and hit the NPC camps that are along that edge, even the ones just inside the hill line, you should find the owner of the sword.

That is unless I am remembering it completely wrong and it is in the Buccaneer Camp in the Ruins of Xhtotl, or whatever it is called.
I’ll see if my buddy remembers, we’ve got one for each of us, so it isn’t too hard to find.

Alternatively, you can always just go here:

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Lol that’s hilarious!! Thanks for the advice too, if you get any further information let me know!

Are you playing in EL or IoS?

Calandra can be found on the 2nd lower level.

I’m in Exiled Lands…I’m thinking that it is a Siptah legendary?

Yes, it is obtainable on the Isle of Siptah. I’ve come across it twice but I don’t know if it’s also in EL.

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