Call Follower as a Functional Emote

Would a “Call Follower(s)” emote be possible? It would need a shift in how the thrall interface works, but would be very helpful in keeping the Bearer thrall from walking into my spear. Again.

When a Thrall is “following” as per the current system, their radial menu would change. Options would be assist/defend/passive, Wait, and Stop Following. A/D/P Have been suggested before, often, and I’ll spare the desire. Wait would work similar to Stop, but still keep the thrall linked to you.

So you select your favorite Bearer at home base, hand them their coconuts and head off to a certain full of spiders and brimstone. Tell him to Wait outside, go in and go all Orkin Man on the spiders, and when it’s clear perform the “Call Follower” emote. Bearer comes clopping in to carry the piles of resource and treasure you’ve plundered.