Camel riding and thrall serpent-man!

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Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [camel riding and thrall serpent-man]
Region: [Brasil]

Hello my name is Djulio;

I come to present the idea of a mount focused on collecting resources and e roleplay, the camel, he have plenty of space for collecting resurces, or even for long journeys, changing the base countertops or loading looting of attacks on other bases.

if it were a mount it would be avoinding to take a pet for cargo.

Also the possibility to enslave serpent-mans, I think a waste of npcs, being very cool npcs, could have a merchant selling them already tamed, not volcano, in the same way that we buy alchemists in Flotsam.

I leave these ideas for discussion.

(sorry my english from google translator)

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