The truth about camels

Its 11pm on a Wednesday night during a world health care crisis. What am I doing? Im taming camels. Look I needed to relax after my new “neighbors” got purged (that spawned in my base) and lost.

So I wanna talk about camels. I know im not the only one that wants the rest of our tameable herbivores to have rideable versions. (Side note great job on making riding feel epic devs!) Obviously the camel needs to be mountable and rideable with its own selection of saddles. This is pretty old news and I don’t feel like we need to talk about how amazing it would be to ride earths best modern ungelate.

However, I dont believe ive seen anyone discuss camel skins. I love my yamatai and turian pets. Alongside that the horse skins and saddles from Riders of Hyboria are pretty sweet too. So naturally if we are considering open up what is mountable, and why shouldnt we cats and large herbivores could behave differently when mounted, the camel seems obvious. I for one would love to see camel skins (like the great bearded camel :wink: ) included in a DLC, so much so that my initial thoughts slate it as paid DLC. To quote Phillip J Fry, take my money.

Then my thought wandered …

To the new world (map), and its world bosses. Its gonna need camel bosses. And i know youre thinking well that sounds stupid, but youd be wrong! The obvious one would be a mini boss type similiar to the named treasure hunters that drop hearts of hero, except instead of just being some schmuck with a spear whos heart i wanna trade to a monkey demon this type would be a mounted boss. Obviously hed be riding a camel, and would have a kinda dangerous lungeing charge attack, and should probably be named after a magnificant bearded gentleman like myself. Now you could have him drop heroic bearded hearts for gorilla blessings, or you could give him a 5% chance of dropping a special baby camel or a skin for other camels that would give your riding camel the same design as the bosses camel. If were gonna make mounted pve enemies, and why not, their steeds should have a little personality. Ontop of that I think some mounts with a rarer cosmetic design would be well received.

But wait theres more. After that we get to come to Titanotylopus the 11 foot tall grand daddy of modern camels, alpacas, and llamas. Now a lumbering 11 foot tall herbivore isnt that scary, but ive seen non boss elephants mess up players and some big herbivore diversity would be way more than welcome. I also think more prehistoric mammels would flesh out the ecosystem, I dont think our sabertooth cats are taking down a mammoth everyday for dinner. But we need a boss camel, and thats where the art team comes in. Remember that lovely exotic colored corrupted rhino beast? Yeah well just do that to a titanotylopus. That ones probably just dropping exotic meat, tough hide, and a chest key!!

So there you have it. The truth about camels and why we need more of them. Thank you for your time reading and your unwavering support and pushing this idea to the top of the list right behind more beard styles, I see you over there famous hyborian hairstylist yall were gonna name “Eutus the Fantabulous”. Its cool tho ill wait to be an untameable camel boss that people can take their revenge on.


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