Camera glitch and subsequent loss of buildings

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics (game running in Quality mode)
Game Mode: Single Player
Map: Exiled Lands

Bug Description:

For an unknown reason the camera glitched, with the focus being displaced one block to the North. However, in an attempt to recover from this, I quit to the main menu, then attempted to restart, but all foundations were gone.
Even shutting down the game altogether and restarting didn’t help, either and all foundations remained gone.
Furthermore, any items that were attached to any walls or the ground (torches, chests, etc.) fell to the ground when I approached, with their contents and/or components deposited in loot bags. Any installations (i.e. cages, the Wheel of Pain, furnaces, etc.) were suspended in mid-air, ditto any thralls and pets that I have. Whatever had caused the camera to glitch in this fashion must have caused the corruption of the game metadata that contains my base (it’s gargantuan, most likely consisting of roundabout 100k elements).

Bug Reproduction:

Exceed a certain amount of pieces on the map (I don’t know how many that may be, but my guess is somewhere around 100k pieces).

Additional Details:

When the bug struck I hadn’t even added another piece to the base’s design, but I picked up steel armaments from a forge, and suddenly all hell broke loose. Whatever had happened here clearly sounds like memory corruption.

As a side note, I managed to recover from cloud storage, but six hours of crafting have been lost due to the bug.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. By any chance have you taken a screenshot of the screen when the issue happened?

Also, was your base built on top of nemedian foundations before items started to disappear?

We await your reply.

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Greetings, and thanks for your reply.

No, I’m not using any Nemedian foundations (although I have them available, they aren’t part of my base design).
What I’m using is:

  1. Brick pieces (when you are at the Place of Summoning, going left and up that ledge, there’s a cliff. It’s extending almost all the way around it.
  2. Hardened brick pieces (the aforementioned ledge to the left of the Place of Summoning)
  3. On the inselberg to the Northwest of the Point of Summoning (the one right south of the Hand of the Creator) it’s Aquilonian pieces (this is connected to the part at the Place of Summoning via a bridge constructed from hardened brick).
  4. A bridge constructed from hardened brick leading to the mountain next to Thugra’s Stand.

However, as it seems things get corrupted when exceeding a certain amount of elements (I’d have to estimate how much I have placed already, but if you are placing too many, something gets corrupted, causing the already-placed base components - foundations, walls, etc. - to vanish).
I’m continuing my investigations right now (i. e. place a few additional elements, then quit the game to get a save, restart and see what’s happening). If my guess is right, I should be hitting the same problem very soon now.
Once I know more, I’m going to add screenshots.

EDIT: My suspicions turned out to be right. I have just placed six additional pieces, and things got corrupted.

Thank you for the additional insights Thianis!

If you managed to reproduce the issue with such precision, would it be possible for you to record a video and send us the link so that we may take a look please?

If you wish, you may send it in a private message to us for privacy reasons.

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Before I forget: After adding those few elements the camera didn’t glitch, but I still got the corruption. Looks like exceeding a certain threshold is corrupting the metadata (I don’t know if only partial or in whole), and only if this threshold is exceeded by a significant amount of blocks (as I have written earlier, I had been constructing for about six hours prior to the camera glitch), this corruption starts to affect the camera adversely.

There are actually two ways for this corruption to occur, though:

  1. The metadata in memory gets corrupted (taking the possible camera glitch into account, I suspect this to be the more likely variant). Then, when attempting to save the corrupted data, an error is encountered, preventing the base to be written to the save in its entirety. The other metadata concerning the character and server-side settings remain unaffected.
  2. The metadata gets corrupted in the save file (wouldn’t explain the camera glitch, though). One likely cause is allotting a fixed space for construction elements in the save file, and once this is exceeded, it is either truncated, causing an invalid data structure, or the surplus data in relation to the storage area is exceeding the upper boundary of said area, and if anything is written to the file behind this storage area, the surplus data is corrupted, causing an error when restoring the base and so losing all the data.

The point is, the base, even though the camera glitch may strike, is still displayed properly, but as soon as you exit the current game and attempt to continue, you are losing your base once you have exceeded a certain number of elements.

As for the video, I’m attempting to get one done, but I cannot tell exactly when that may be. However, once I’ve got one, I’d send it to you.
Would it help if I gave you the save file in question so you could investigate the issue directly?

EDIT: Doing this on the PS4 (where I have been playing prior to obtaining the PS5) caused the game to become increasingly laggy and erratic (increasingly more metadata to be taken into account, with an increasing number of frames skipped with increasing frequency the bigger the base is becoming), on some occasions causing the game to hang after a certain amount of time (also increasing in frequency the bigger the base gets).

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Sie haben Post!

Regarding camera glitch, try to approach an enemy or wild animal and lock on it. It should fix it.

Venturing to the far reaches of the map doesn’t help, either (one variant would have been that leaving the base behind and roaming the lands would have the game unload it from memory, and upon reloading it some rearranging might have taken place so that more pieces may be added, but that’s not the case).

The next test is going to be to construct a secondary base somewhere else on the map (best far away from the main base) to see what’s happening as a consequence.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for the detailed information. We sent this case for further investigation from our team.

We appreciate your support on this matter.

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