Camping Kit (Bazaar)

The description says the Camping items in the Camping Kit are craftable without tools. However, the recipe only shows up in an Artisan Bench. That means, you can’t craft these items until you are level 14 and have the “tool” of an Artisan Bench. But I can craft Sandstone at level 3 and only requires a Construction Hammer (learned at level 3 with the Sandstone). That really needs to change.

Please make Camping Kit items on par with Stone tools (learned at level 3 or lower from inventory… not a level 14 Artisan Bench).


Agreed, the camping outfit should be in our own inventory, since it is made in the wild ( or should be ).


I’m going to make myself sound foolish but not first time. Do not have camping it functional or merely decorative? @Bodin @JJDancer


Well, a little of both, @sestus2009 .
Let me explain. It’s decorative in the sense that you’ll need to slap a bedroll in it to use it as a spawn point. It has no storage slots either, so you’ll need a box. And a campfire. :smile:
But it provides shelter, so there’s that little bonus.
It’s nice if you are going to an area where you plan to stay for a while, doing some hunting, leveling thralls or whatever. I always wanted something like that (used the tents in game), but this is nicer. However, I feel it should do a little more. I hope one day Funcom upgrades it.


You can also easily put thralls inside, @sestus2009 . It’s an improvement from what we had, mind you. I love it, but I would love if it had some lightsource, a campfire, storage etc. But Funcom would immediately be accused of promoting p2w if they did that. Kind of lame, but they would because it would give you a slight strategic advantage.

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That is what I needed to know thanks :blush:

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