Can boosted stat Purge fighters still be obtained in the game? (New knockout system, cages)

Before AoW Chapter 3, purge equivalent thralls were always buffed/boosted stats, particularly their starting HP. For example, Dalinsia vs Purge Dalinsia (which had char ID like Purge_Dalinsia or something like that).

This was a high incentive to farm human level purges to get the buffed duplicate thralls.

Now with the no-knockout system, many of these elite thralls are not usable. Can anyone confirm whether they are available in the cages? I’ve run several tests and each caged thrall was a regular world NPC.

I would be very saddened if Funcom once again removed elite level play from the game. If we can’t knock them out, then I feel they should at least be in cages as a reward for doing high level purges.

Hopefully someone can confirm.

I did purges till lvl 8, there are some elite thralls i got, cormag beastblood figther, and anja the dervish archer. They start with 3500k life +/-, and had good attributes, got some regular thralls too, lian, nordehemian berserk, corvic the blade, mei the blade, got a danlisia too, i not noticed if she is better than the one got in map, she has 1800k life +/- and the same attributes the normal one. Got a lot of t4 bearers too.

One negative aspect of the cage system in my opinion is that there are no crafter thralls and priests, and barkeeper should not be a follower but a station thrall.

I’ve gotten a lot of Named purge thralls from the purge. You DO NOT knock them out anymore. At the end of the Purge, you will have to kill the Captain and take the keys off him and unlock cages. Choose wisely though. You have 3 keys and 5 things to unlock.

It’s dependent on tier
You get 7 keys on the higher tiers but generally have 8 or so things to unlock

lvl leveled two cormag beast blood they are not superior to the cimmerian berkser or danlisia, they has more live but low damage

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