Can funcom focus on quality than quantity of thier games

I think Funcom should focus on quality of thier games than releasing as many games as they can. I don’t want the same fate of Telltale to happen to Funcom. I can’t post on Funcom direct Funcom forum. I rather Funcom have lesser games but better details in thier games. The Assassin creed,call of duty,football, wrestling and etc are games I hate because they are yearly made cash cows. After unity I stop buying assassin creed games. Yearly games have tons of bugs/glitches on release date. I want Funcom games to be games you’re waiting on for thier strory and etc. It all about quality over quantity. I want Funcom to be a quality company.


Few of these games were handle by other people. Not like there over working it. Doesn’t seem that way anyway.

Hmm, I’m thinking more games is better not less. They do need to make a profit to stay in business. If they go out of business, the game quality will definitely not improve.

If they expand like Telltale they could fail and be forced to closed down. I don’t see a yearly fallout game. Less offers better quality games.

It won’t improve if they don’t fix all the exploits and broken/half finished/not well thought out features either.

  • Purge bugs out all the time.
  • We can peek through walls with a first person weapon exploit.
  • We can shoot bows through walls with a first person bow exploit.
  • We can use weapons to glitch through walls and steal from peoples stations with a first person weapon exploit.
  • We can see thralls/crafting stations in a base from afar before the building pieces load in.
  • Stamina glitch has been present for god awful ever.
  • Undermeshing issues without additional steps to discourage it such as dying and losing your gear if you jump off the earth instead of spawning in the desert with all your gear.
  • Lack of clean up mechanics for sandstone which is spammed and abused for land claim. (stuff takes a few wood and stone but needs a freakin bomb to remove. Sandstorm should damage it.)

The list just goes on and on.

If any devs are reading this, I love this game so much but it’s a buggy mess. Like come on, we’re not in Early Access anymore; it’s out in full release and still plays like it’s in Alpha…


I just checked the Funcom Franchise page in the Steam Store. All of the games except for 3 were released prior to 2018 when CE was released. The other two games that were released after CE are being published by Funcom. The Funcom studios are in two locations and they are still working on CE in the Oslo office.

I’m just worried they would focus too much on making new games and Like 7 days to die end up with a dead game. We consoles got blank over on 7 days to die. Telltale focus was popping out more games than they can handle. I don’t want Funcom popping out more games than they can handle.

I have no idea how someone could accuse Funcom of focusing on quantity. They don’t have a flood of games. Unless OP is referring to their opinion that they release too much DLC when they owe him sorcery.

We don’t have yearly Fallout games because they need extra time to make sure that each subsequent title is buggier than the last one, I don’t think that company helps any arguments for quality.

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You forgot a few on consoles. Can’t spend full 390 stats.

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To have fun playing any video game, you need to focus on what you can do in the game and what is fun in the game, not what you can’t do.

Just basic psychology. If you look for problems, you will find them.


Remember, Funcom doesn’t create all games they publish. Some games are made by other companies and published by Funcom, so they don’t draw game design resources away from Funcom’s own flagships.

Your concern is understandable, but I’d assume Funcom’s long-term business strategy has some professional input with numbers, statistics and other variables taken into account. You know, actual data, which I suspect you don’t have available. We’re just random forumers with no inside information beyond some statistics Steam publishes, so it’d be kinda irresponsible on Funcom’s part to take our advice when developing their business strategies.


they could sell skins and rip off dance moves like fortnite

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That sounds like a Telltale answer. EA ruins online gaming.

We’re still left with no evidence or reason for us to assume FC is focusing on quantity rather than quality. Other than the OP’s previous complaints that he doesn’t like their DLC focus rather than focusing on sorcery or whatever.

It also doesn’t address the biggest question of why in the holy hell FC would care what some randos on a game forum think of their corporate focus. Telltale answer or not, dislike of EA or not, the point @Kapoteeni made is still valid.

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Because Funcom cares about thier fans. That why they would listen to us. We are Funcom past,present and future. Loyal fans like us.

The last game they released, apart from CE, was two years ago, 2017. They’ve cancelled two other planned games.

They have different groups focusing on different games. I woulndt worry about them focusing on quantity over quality since we’re recieving patches and updates on a regular basis - and they’ve announced the next DLC.

I’ve seen more dlc and bug/glitch than major updates.

Wonders do happen… :astonished:

But actually…
There are quite a few people being happy at first and then slowly turning against the game.
Bugs and else stuff. Inconsistent stuff.

I am happy enough with Conan Exiles as I’ve wasted 3000 hours having fun with others building and playing. Plus another… takes a peek 2000 hours of roleplay… first time I’ve ever did that, but it’s stupidly fun to me. Even as extreme to not paying attention at all to these forums anymore. Maybe reading once a week but thats it.

So while I would prefer some things to be different, I really like the overall game and am having fun.
Some more quality…
Well. I do like the mechanic of that last boss at klaels. Was surprising at first… almost frightening when he became GIANT with glowing eyes… but it was fun!

I had my share of rants about this quality issue but at the same time I want to give kudos to:

  • Graphics and art department: Superb
  • Player movement: Very smooth
  • Environment: Very immersive and 1st class
  • Building system: Best in the industry
  • climbing system: very good
    *Value for money: Excellent

Feel free to add more.

Whoever controls quality of the finished product at Funcom your letting down the other departments who do a fantastic job.


What they could have done was take the ark route and make additional maps for conan. It already had the following, and now people are leaving because funcom didn’t all in on the game with the best draw they ever made. Kind of mind bogeling how they didnt see the potential this game have and put the neccessary resources into it. More maps and features would be a lot better economically as well.

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