Can I get an explanation to why this game is so buggy?

Game mode: [Online | PvE]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

Let’s see how many issues I can list…
1.Server Lag… I’ve played on 7 different official servers and none of them can even stay under 200 ping. The massive lag spikes are detrimental to the gameplay.
2. Npc invincibility- Many of the npc will stay in their spawnpoint making them unattackable. They of course can still do dmg to you.(The Black Hand is very bad with this)
3.Skinning knife- Fun fact…if you skin a players corpse if a pve server all if their gear spawns in a loot bag making it possible to take.
4.Unlimited sprint- by simply panning your camera around 90° you will have infinite stamina.
5.Bugged buffs- it is random but ive had my health regen buffs from dancers permanent so i can survive almost any small mob. Also the yellow lotus potion buff is a white square that will not disappear unless you relog
6. Phasing through objects- Ive knocked plenty of thralls unconscious just to have them fall through the map. Ive also had small and large enemies partially go through the ground. Recently I had the large spider phase through the ground next to my base and was able to attack me through my foundation
7.Invisable npc and players
8. Corpse vanish- 30% of the time when you die your corpse vanishes

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Nice nickname, i’m having the same bugs. Sadly this is just about 20% of all the bugs.

Big games are always buggy, look at skyrim, buggy mess and is also one of the best games out there.
Also this game was just launched so expect bugs, eventually they will be fixed. :open_mouth:

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This game should not have been sold as a finished game. It is much more than a few bugs. The bugs in other large games are not game breaking.


They needed to make money and have a good qtr. plain and simple. it sure as S is not a finished product and Sony should not of let it thru.


Invisible npcs and players are messing everything up. None of my clan mates have this problem but me i dnt get it. I stopped playing until they at least fix the invisible players, it really screws u over. I get killed by invisible players who have not rendered in yet and lose all my gear. Invisible npcs can wait , i can deal with that. Ill resume playing after that. And part of me wants to get on right now cause its such a good game but i know it will only end in heartache

FYI : You don’t have to have to use a skinning knife on a players corpse to loot it. Any harvesting tool will effectively destroy the corpse and leave all their stuff in a loot bag, which is then free for anyone to pick up.

While this might be okay for PvP, my understanding was that official PVE severs were set so that only the player could loot his own corpse. Of course I guess that dynamic changes if there’s no longer a corpse to hold the loot. An easy fix for this would simply be to make player corpses indestructible (on PVE) until the max corpse limit is reached or the decay system steps in.

I mean this has worked out to advantage a couple times when me and my wife play, one of us dies and can see our own corpse (Al a ‘the disappearing corpse glitch’…) The other can effectively get our stuff for one of us… But still this is wide open for abuse in any other situation.