Can i play with freinds?

Hi, is it even possible to play online with your friends? How can I invite him to my lobby?

Hello. Yes it’s entirely possible to play online with friends. CE is primarily a multiplayer game at heart, though it’s entirely possible to play most (or all) of it solo or in Single Player.

It sounds like you might want to explore the Co-Op option, which is rather limited but it’s essentially just you two in a single-player game.

Personally I’d recommend going on a server, where you’re free to play without being tethered, but it depends if you want to deal with other people or not. Which admittedly can be a pain in this game. There’s a lot of server options: official servers, private servers, PvE, PvP and in-between (known as PvE-C or conflict) servers…

a where i can see it? me need download only CE? or what, i don`t have botton where i can play online in game

Yes it’s an ingame option, right there on the main menu. No need for external software.

i think, im so stupid i didn`t see, sry can u repeat Word where button to online :frowning:

New game - continue - load - options - Credits - Stalker Trisals - Quit

Doesn’t sound like you’re playing CE…

as long as you are on the same platform as your friends then multiplayer is an option. If u have different brand consoles or one is on PC then you cannot

You’re playing Mutant Year Zero, not Conan Exiles.

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