Can I still get Twitch drops on Conan Outcast?

I meet the requirements on Twitch I can’t find the recipe in the game

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Hey @ValleyKumar

Once you have updated your game to 2.4.4, you will be able to see the Twitch connect button on the lower right corner. Please make sure to connect your account with the Twitch account where you claimed the drops during the campaign.

However, we are aware of an issue that is preventing many PS4 users from seeing those recipes ingame despite having followed all the steps correctly. That is being looked into at the moment and we aim to resolve it either via our backend, or in a future patch for the game. For now, if you have those items claimed on Twitch, don’t worry as they are yours and will be available ingame once we resolve this issue.


Thank you for contacting us! relieved. I’m looking forward. Thank you for the wonderful project.

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Thank you for playing and participating in the campaign!
If you missed any of the daily items, we also published this announcement regarding our plans to run this campaign again in the future:

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Oh! Thank you! Some people said they missed it, so let me know on Twitter.

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