Can no longer access website account or buy fun credits after 1st time

I and my wife (and also a relative) have made our first purchase of the fun credits (which went through just fine according to our bank) but then can’t access the purchase screen to buy more. Keeps saying log in failed.
We waited days but the same problem persists. We are not behind a VPN or proxy server. We can still log in and play the game just fine but not make fun credit purchases. We all play from our one home from three computers.

Any thoughts on resolving this? Thanks.

I advise you contact funcom support directly.

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Your best bet would be to submit a ticket at or, since this is an account issue you can use when it’s available.

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I can no longer access my account through the game’s website to purchase credits or to check my membership. I have filed multiple tickets with funcom support and I have just been told that they’re sorry but the can’t help me because they believe me to be behind a VPN or a proxy address currently. I am not behind either of those, the fact of the matter is that I just play this game with my family and now I can no longer purchase credits for some unknown reasons. Please help me if you can, I for one am getting tired of the way I’m being treated, instead of being treated as a paying member and monthly subscriber, I’m being treated like they’re just reading my e-mail briefly and don’t even care if they lose a paying customer.