No support response // Account Management problems

Hello team,

i put in a support ticket regarding my accounts which cannot be accessed via the account management site. i can login into the game and user logins are correct, but since i cannot pay them in the management tool, i cant re-sub. == cant login to the account management site. i allready reset passwords for all of them but still cant access.

haven´t heard of you so far. so please look into the ticket. probably there are problems with master-accounts again. its really annoying, when you wanna pay money but arent allowed to do so, by a buggy system :smiley:

Ticket Number:
[Funcom #1103330] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

Just in case you haven’t tried yet, account passwords for the game and the site can be (and often are in these cases) different. So try and see if you can remember other old passwords you might have used or sort out a password reset request if support can’t help you.

thanks for the advise… i know about the fact that game and acc passwords are different. but i have reset the account passwords (not game passwords) allready in their lost-password service page. but it still doesnt work. most of my accounts are linked into one master account and it seems broken… tried all of them and reset all of them. it just doesnt work :frowning:

my ingame passwords are still the same and i could login, if it would be paid… but i cant pay without account management site^^ this system is really terrible…

Hi Yeny, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your account. I can confirm your email ticket was received and is awaiting a reply in our queue. A wait time of one or two days isn’t unusual and shouldn’t be any cause for alarm, but I do apologize that the ticket’s status wasn’t more clear for you.

Your email will receive a reply as soon as possible, so please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates. We’re working to help everyone who’s been waiting for assistance as swiftly as we can.

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i have similar problem, i cant log on to account website with PCs that have windows 10 on them, gives wrong user or password as error. Works fine with win 7 and android phone somehow.

If it’s any consolation, I have zero issues here on Windows 10 Pro with Firefox. I would suggest trying a different browser?

it has nothing to do with browser or OS… but for the sake of it i tried on windows 10, windows 7… with internet explorer, firefox, chrome and opera on each of them.

the funcom account management system ist just crap. my accounts (like 6-8) are linked under one master account. also there is TSW and SWL accounts linked. its all f*d up. i can reset the passwords on their “lost password”-page. but the new password doesnt work for account page. only thing that works after a reset is the SWL game login… wtf… should have never linked them. but the funcom points were nice back in the day^^

another day has passed without an answer…

and another day gone by… funcom support at its best…