Can not connect to PvE conflict server because I am not connected to PS4 online?

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For two nights now my friends and I have not been able to play on our usual PvE conflict server because we are apparently not showing online with PS4. But we are, we can see each other online, we are in a party chat, and we played other online games. According to posted bugs last March-May 2019 others were having the same issue. It was mentioned it was a Sony firmware issue conflicting with Conan servers. However, when I tried to load other servers like PvE, PvP I get the same message. Please, we have invested in hours into our base and thralls and now we have others interested in playing which means purchases for your game. Please fix.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Did you even look at the forums before posting this. Everyone has this issue.

As @SindeeSyringe says. The main post for this that also receives the updates is Connectivity Issues, June 11th

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