Can not earn stuff, no npc´s are there

Yesterday i rented a server on g-portal, for Conan Exiles Playing.
Then added 6 Mods on it, 3 of them maybe not really new, but the game starts and it runs perfectly.

So i runned through the deserts to the big city on the western part of the map, when i was there, began to build a little house for my bed and other stuf.

After relogging, and changing the Server on g-Portal from pvp to pve, i came in the game and was wondering, there are no npc´s , i can nothing earn, there is all in the game but i can not earn wood, or stones, or food, nothing works.

Then i thought ok that problem must be fixed, i tried every thing, removed the mods, changed the Fighting Mode from 2 to zero, changed this and that, every time i try to log in the game and the server, there are no npc´s…

i need help.

If u want to try it by your self, u will find the server on

Query Port: 28915

Yeah I reckon that’s probably your issue right there. Since it’s a new server, you might want to nuke (delete) the database and start from fresh before spending time doing a lot of other things.


This seems to be a known issue and I thought it would have been solved with the last update.
Actually I am watching a series about Conan Exiles from a German YouTuber. He is playing Vanilla on his own server without mods and he also had this problem that all the camps were empty, without any NPCs.
His base is at the small river north from the summoning place but on the southside. As I remember he figured out that he has to cross the river to the north to trigger the inhabitants in all camps. Meanwhile I didn’t watched his last episodes anymore so I don’t know if he find a solution to this problem.

i will try it …

Interesting. I made a new single player game myself, and based just south of the river below the hand of the maker.

I’m using mods also, specifically ones that alter thrall behaviors, and I thought that was why the large npc camp just immediately west of the hand of the maker was totally empty. Being below the river, and having a .5 land claim radius, it would not be my base blocking them. So I thought it was mods.

The large camp just north of where you learn cimmerian dance is fully populated, as is the summoning place, and thugras camp too.

Most camps in fact appear to be full of normal npcs. Just not the one by hand of the maker or the tiny one near it with the iron and 3 spawns. So, yeah, that’s strange!

I wonder if I can trigger them by coming in from the north like you did?

At work so cant test right now.

in my experience building too close to a NPC camp may screw things, solution: don’t

edit: especially if you tweaked up LandClaimRadiusMultiplier

I tweaked it DOWN tho…and I’m far, across the river to the south. Land claim radius is set to a smaller .5 vs the standard 1.0
This allows such things as trees growing near your buildings, etc, giving a natural look to a base.
It’s not the culprit here.

The guy I talked about has his spot in the same area as you. I questioned him via YouTube and he answered me yesterday:
„I’ve read from some people that it’s not just me. Luckily, the NPCs come back if you go a few meters out of the rendering distance“
So as I understood: He comes to the camp and doesn’t find a NPC in it. Then he leaves the area so he can’t see the camp anymore. Then he returns and now the NPCs are there.
:thinking: Maybe it’s an issue between server and client?

sounds like invisible bodies bug extends to living NPCs now, troubling

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