Can not set it to see FPS/Ping

so does ‘/setoption latency_window true’ not work any more ?
or was it changed to something different I need to learn

I don’t know what latency_window is supposed to be. What are you trying to do?

Did you mean this?

/setoption limbo_window <x>

Latency_window is for the secret world/secret world legends.

To display fps you press ctrl + alt + f. As far as I know the only way to display your ping is to hover the mouse over the latency bar. On the default UI it is placed in the green highlighted area Image

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it shows the ping and Frame rates in the top left.
same spot where you see the FPS if you toggle the FPS, but it includes the Ping

thanks Sunstar,
I already know that part, I prefer it to be display without having to move the mouse (mouse over) to see it.

using /setoption latency_window true did the same thing as using the method to display FPS, but it also displayed the latency, and for me = easier to see

Ah. I’ve never seen a latency display anywhere in AoC but on the UI where
Sunstar showed you.

Now I’m curious to go try it in SWL.

I learn it in AO, and used it in TSW, AoC, and SWL, but that windows update screwed up my machine and had to do a fresh install of windows 10, and all my games (except AO, for some reason it didn’t get wiped) it was my bad for not backing up before doing the fresh install, frustration thing.
so everything is or will be new installs again.

just trying to get back to what’s normal for me

since everything was wiped, no longer have my links to help guide me on returning and starting fresh character as well,
been fully returned to full newb status, and have to ask again

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Couldn’t we get a ping meter like the fps meter on the top left corner (toggeable)? It would be extremely helpful.

There is a ping meter but you have to hover your mouse over it for it to display your ping. Depending on what UI you use it is usually located around your map. it will usually display a red bar when you lag out. Mouse over that to see your ping.

Yes, but I want to check my ping in the heat of battle and a counter like the fps one, displayed constantly instead of when you hover the mouse somewhere, would be perfect for that. I’m quite certain the ping rises a lot when fighting in PvP and is higher than what is displayed when you are standing still doing nothing and check the ping normally.

if you have the secret world, copy its “latency.swf” file from data/gui/default/flash/ to the same folder in aoc and just use /loadclip latency.swf